Angel School

 Online and in-person Angel courses created to accelerate your spiritual awakening, enhance your psychic gifts and deepen your connection to the Angelic realm.

In-person angel workshops across the UK:

  • Angel Communication Workshop (1-day)

  • Healing with the Archangels (1-day)

  • Working with The Female Archangels and Masters (1-day)

  • Heal your Chakras with Archangels Mantras (1/2 day)

  • Manifesting with Angel Sigil Magic (1/2 day)

Please navigate to the EVENTS page to book tickets for in-person Angel courses.

Online Training:

Archangel Alchemy Diploma ©

Join me on a 13-Month online journey combining Earth Magic with the timeless wisdom of the Archangels.

Are you ready to delve deeper into the great mystery? Are you longing to reconnect to the ancient wisdom inherent within the Earth? And who better to guide your soul into the light than the angels themselves. Join me on Archangel Alchemy Online ©

Over this course you will: 

  • Deepen your knowledge of the Archangels, their individual personalities and roles.

  • Develop a connection to your Guardian Angel and 12 Archangels – focusing on one per month.

  • Discover how to heal your chakras and how to infuse them with high vibrational angelic energy.

  • Take appropriate steps to align with your higher destiny – your Guardian Angel holds the records of your soul.

  • Step into your power, fiercely releasing what no longer serves you and reclaiming your spiritual gifts and talents, under the wings of the Angels. 

  • Learn effective Psychic Protection techniques for you, your loved ones and your home.

  • Understand Psychic Protection methods for Empaths, how to cut cords and clear energetic entanglements.

  • Learn how to cycle with the Moon, take part in Moon magic and rituals with Archangel Haniel, the Angel of the Moon.

  • Take part in powerful live rituals designed to cover every aspect of life including how to manifest your dream life, open your angel heart to more self-love, how to forgive and let go.

  • Celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year with 8 live online ceremonies, very auspicious dates that will enhance the potency of what we are working on by being attuned to the rhythms of nature.

  • Learn how to create a sacred space and clear your aura. Understand energy basics – The Aura & Chakras.

  • Discover effective methods of Grounding and centring your energy.

  • Practice raising your energetic frequency.

  • Develop an understanding of why and how to create an Altar to draw your wishes to you.

  • Learn how to channel Angelic Healing Energy – the purest energy available.

  • Experience working with the Elements – The angels of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

  • Study Psychic Development – The Clair’s, Awakening the third eye, Channelling messages directly from the angels, and how to give Angel card readings.

  • Learn the angelic and spiritual meanings of certain herbs, oils, crystals and flowers.

  • Make Charms, Rituals and Spells, all under the protection and blessings from the angelic flames.

And so much MORE!

For just £13 a month you will get access to:

Online video lessons

• 13 pre-recorded Meditations

• Free Access to 13 online live sessions

• Printable worksheets and fact sheets

• Access to FaceBook Private Support Group

“I cannot recommend Claire’s workshops enough. I have attended both the Angel Communication and the Mojo Making bag workshops … I am also booked on the Mugwort Ceremony with her in Sept and I can’t wait! Claire has a wonderful, fun and down to earth energy but above all, she has the highest integrity which is so important to me.” 

Lisa Melia, UK

“Very grateful for the wisdom, insights and teachings of this beautiful woman. I love her sense of humour and fierce truth. The combination of delivering abstract wisdom and insights on a very grounded manner works for me!
I know Claire just for a few months, but I already learned so much about myself, my path and some great magic stuff as well. Looking forward to learning much more! Thank you! ” 

Charlotte Lightheart, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“I have attended several events with Claire now, the last one being the Imbolc Zoom meeting.
Claire’s teachings are grounded and centred around building on your own intuition whilst assisting you to grow towards that goal using her own insights and intuition.
Fantastic teacher!” 

Mrs McClay, UK

“She’s amazing, I can’t even describe my experience; most definitely shifted something in me forever. If you are truly vested in your search for guidance on your journey, Claire is that light that will illuminate that darkness and hold that space to help you find direction. She is definitely someone you want as part of your spiritual tribe. Love her.” 

Mariluz Rodriguez, Pennsylvania, USA

How Does it Work?

Each month you receive:Claire Stone Psychic Angels

1. One pre-recorded guided meditation journey.

2. Access to a 1-hour live online class (8 of which are ceremonies).

3. Printable worksheets for The Archangel of the Month, and relevant material.

4. Angel of the Month Video lessons are released.

*If you miss a live session no worries, you can watch it back on replay.

We will be focusing upon working with a specific Archangel, the relating chakra and a relevant spiritual growth theme; preparing your soul to embody your highest divine truth.


All of this wisdom is yours for just £13 a month! 

Sign me up! If you are ready to sign up for the Archangel Alchemy Diploma Training you can set up a standing order by Bank or PayPal or you can even pay the amount in full – in which case you will get month 13 absolutely FREE.

The cost of this training is £13 per month OR £156 in full (which includes discount -£13)

Click HERE to get your welcome information email or to reserve your place.

You will receive a professional certificate upon completion of the course

This course is accredited by IPHM.

The contents of this course are intended to arm you with all of the spiritual tools that you will need to successfully create a magical, happy life. The exercises and attunements will shape you into becoming fully self-sufficient, allowing you to trust and rely upon your own intuition.

The Age of Aquarius is the Age of “becoming your own Guru”. It is time for the returned Divine feminine; a powerful time of readdressing balance, healing your life and developing a deeper awareness of the once hidden mysteries.

The beloved Archangels, along with our guardian angels know our limitations and our capabilities, they know exactly how little or how much we need. They are the perfect companions and protectors who walk with us side by side and will accompany us through this heartwarming journey.

On the 1st of each month, new content is added to your account on this website. Monthly live masterclasses take place on Zoom. Can’t make it? No worries the live classes are optional free gifts, plus you will receive the video replay in an email the following day. I will also send you email you reminders for everything, so you can relax.  You will receive all dates and further information, such as how to use this site and make the most of your membership in your welcome email upon enrolment.

Claire Stone is a Hay House bestselling author of The Female Archangels’.

Claire is the Psychic Development Expert for Spirit and Destiny Magazine. 

Born with the ability to hear and see angels, she began to give psychic readings at the age of 14. Her commitment now is to help others to communicate with angels too.

Claire holds professional qualifications in the following:

Dip. Ancient Egyptian Magic & Ritual – 2016

Dip. Aromatherapy – 2001

Dip. Master Herbalist – 2015

Dip. Holistic Therapies – 2001

Dip. Crystal Therapy – 2002

Level 4 Teacher Training – 2007

Reiki Master – 2000

Mary Magdalene Priestess Initiate.

Claire holds workshops and retreats throughout the UK, other events can be seen on the Events page.

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