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5 03, 2020

March Full Worm Moon Ritual


∇ March Full Worm Moon Ritual Δ CLAIRE STONE   March Full Worm Moon Ritual. March full worm moon ritual. Did you know, that this month's full moon, the Worm Moon / Storm Moon / Sap Moon, is to be the most powerful moon of this year! I appreciate that every full moon is a potent time. But read on

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26 02, 2020

The Female Archangels


The Female Archangels Who are the Female Archangels and why are we only hearing about them now? People ask me this question all of the time. It seems a mystery as to why the angels that we are familiar with (from religion) all have masculine names. In truth, angels are androgynous, and above gender, yet they are masculine or feminine

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14 02, 2020

Yoni Mudra


Yoni Mudra This image is taken from my book 'The Female Archangels, Reclaim Your Power with the Lost Teachings of the Divine Feminine for the purposes of the listeners of the audiobook version. Full instruction of how to use the Yoni Mudra are included in the book. © Claire Stone, 2020, Hay House. Order your copy now at

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5 02, 2020

Snow Moon


Snow Moon Full Moon Ritual February's full moon lands on Sunday 9th at 7.33 am GMT (other time zones click HERE). This months supermoon is known as the Snow Moon due to the ground usually being covered in snow at this time of year. In other traditions it is known as the Storm Moon, again down to the weather and

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31 12, 2019

Manifesting Tarot Spread Ritual


Manifesting Tarot Spread Ritual Download or print this fab Tarot spread PDF that I created to help you to manifest your dreams for 2020! Watch the video for even more tips and guidance or simply use the spread. Download here: New Year Tarot Manifesting Spread (1) Happy new year!         Have you subscribed

Manifesting Tarot Spread Ritual2019-12-31T23:26:52+00:00
23 12, 2019

Make a Good Luck Charm


Make a Good Luck Charm CLAIRE STONE Learn how to make a good luck charm to manifest protection, health and success for the year ahead. You will need these few items to take part in this good luck charm ritual:   A sprig of pine    A piece of red ribbon  A pinch of ginger powder A green candle &

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26 11, 2019

Beginners Tarot Cards


Beginners Tarot Cards. Are you interested in learning how to read Tarot cards? Are you unsure of which Tarot cards are suitable for beginners? I have made this short video to help you to choose which cards are most suited to you and your preferred style of learning. Claire Stone has been a professional Tarot / Angel reader for over

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26 10, 2019

The Spirit of Samhain


The Spirit of Samhain CLAIRE STONE The Spirit of Samhain Have you recently had an increased awareness in the spirit world? As we sit on the threshold of the holy day of Samhain 'Summers end' the veil between words it at its thinnest; Making this a primal time to communicate with ancestors and loved ones that have crossed the Antahkarana

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5 10, 2019

Clear the Past Full Moon in Aries Ritual


Clear your Past Aries Full Moon Ritual CLAIRE STONE Clear your Past Aries Full Moon Ritual. The full moon is always an opportunity to reflect and readdress the balance in our lives. At this powerful time of the month, the Sun and Moon are directly opposite each other. This can wreak havoc on your perspectives, leaving you feeling indecisive or

Clear the Past Full Moon in Aries Ritual2019-10-05T14:00:56+00:00
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