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4 10, 2019

Full Moon Dates 2020


FULL MOON DATES 2020 CLAIRE STONE FULL MOON DATES 2020   Here are the UK's 2020, Full Moon dates for your diary. Friday 10th January 2020 - Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer - Time- 19.21pm - Wolf Moon Sunday 9th February 2020 - Full Moon in Leo - Time - 7.33am - Snow Moon Monday 9th March 2020-

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3 10, 2019

Archangel Alchemy ®


Archangel Alchemy ® Archangel Alchemy ® is an intensive metaphysical educational programme, created by Hay House author Claire Stone. Archangel Alchemy is being offered by Claire as a 13-month online membership. This year's training programme (2019) is in progress and subsequently, the doors are currently closed to Archangel Alchemy Online. Enrollment for 2020 students will take place in August 2020

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12 09, 2019

Friday 13th Full Moon Ritual


Friday 13th Full Moon Ritual CLAIRE STONE Friday 13th Full Moon Ritual is an opportunity to connect to the wise woman within. This is a perfect time to reflect upon the abundance we have received so far this year, hence the name Harvest Moon. But more importantly it is also a time of remembering those who came before us, the

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14 08, 2019

The Sturgeon Full Moon Ritual


Sturgeon Full Moon Ritual CLAIRE STONE The sturgeon full moon appears this year on 15th August 2019. Full moons have been regarded as special days since the beginning of time, the ancients before us knew the magic and wisdom that could be tapped into during these potent days.  Each month, the Full Moon is influenced by the astrological sign in

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13 08, 2019

The 8.8 Lions Gate Portal


The 8.8 Lions Gate Portal CLAIRE STONE The 8.8 Lions Gate Portal is a celestial affair between Earth and Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Each year, on and around 8th day of the 8th month (Aug 8th)  Sirius appears to come much closer to Earth, with the added phenomenon of Orions Belt aligning directly with the pyramids of

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30 07, 2019

Black Moon Ritual


BLACK MOON RITUAL CLAIRE STONE  Black Moon rituals are a must-try for anyone who uses magic to create their own destiny. This is a super, amazing auspicious date, a cheeky extra opportunity to get your last minuite summer wishes in to the universe! What is the Black Moon? The black moon is the term given to a second New Moon

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11 07, 2019

How To Bless Your House


How to Bless your House, A Very Easy House Blessing CLAIRE STONE Everyone should learn how to bless their home. Performing a house blessing is very simple and can have a profound impact upon your luck in gereral. A house blessing is not limited to those who have 'visitors'. It can improve many areas of your life such as: Creating

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11 07, 2019

Full Moon 16th July 2019, Blessings Moon


How to celebrate the Blessing Moon Full Moon in Capricorn, 16th July 2019 CLAIRE STONE Our upcoming full moon, is a moon that has many names! The Blessing Moon is also known as the Buck Moon, the Thunder Moon and the Hay Moon! But what do all these things have in common? Energy! Each of these full moon names hints

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2 07, 2019

Solar Eclipse Ritual


Solar Eclipse Ritual CLAIRE STONE It's that time of the year again folks, eclipse season! July 2nd, 2019 we will have our first solar eclipse of the year, landing on the same evening as the New Moon lands in Cancer. In the UK, our eclipse takes place at 8.24pm, if you are in another time zone click here to check

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25 06, 2019

How to use Tarot cards safely


How to use Tarot cards safely CLAIRE STONE After so many inquiries, I thought it was time to write this blog to explain how to use Tarot cards safely. Tarot cards are a powerful divination tool. When used correctly, Tarot can offer you great insight into any area of life where there is uncertainty. Perhaps you are at a crossroads,

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