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12 03, 2018

Shamanic Drumming


SHAMANIC DRUM New Year full moon 2018 online event Part 1 - Shamanic Drumming and Soul enquiries To listen to the drumming and watch the whole video that this information sheet accompanies go to; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SsJV3dEdN8 I'm going to do some short drumming for you now just to get you really relaxed ready, for your soul enquiries. So get yourself in

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12 03, 2018

How to incorporate Tarot Cards into Magic and Ritual. Sept 2017


For this workshop you will need; Tarot cards 3 candles in resonant colours Sage or cleansing spray a small offering e.g. some tobacco or an apple  3 pieces of paper and a pen  Write down three titles on the top of your pieces of paper; • Personal life • Travel • Business I do this every new years eve. What

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12 03, 2018

New Moon Ritual


Hi everyone, I'm Claire Stone. Happy New Year! You will usually see that I have an event on at this time of year, either cacao and drum ceremonies - creating space where you can go within and find out what it is that you want to bring in, what changes you need to make for the coming year. I've been

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6 03, 2018

Archangels & Fifth Dimensional Chakras


The Angels, ascended masters and our spirit guides are fully supportive in assisting us as we are re birthed into the new Earth reality. As we shift and awaken and let go our birth is not always comfortable. We may feel as though our spirit is being pushed too the limit, and I believe it is! In order to break the boundaries of

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