Claire Stone ~ Spiritual Author, Angel Intuitive.

Claire remembered herself (brought back parts of her soul) from this and many other past lifetimes to collaborate with light workers that are currently assisting in the ascension of humanity and Mother Earth.

In the North of England, 1981, Claire was born somewhat spiritually awake. She recounts experiences of astral projection, clairvoyance and unbelievable synchronicity from being as young as 5 years old.

Devoting many years of her life to discover her souls purpose, all that she learned she wove into workshops, articles and retreats to share with the awaking world.

Having worked as a Holistic Therapist / Reiki Healer / Psychic Reader from the age of 19 years. It was during these years she began to work closely with the Angelic realm, which filled in the blanks for many of spiritual questions she had been seeking.

Claire teaches her understanding of spiritual evolution, secrets of the soul, our creator, and our universe in a very down to earth way. She believes that each and every soul has a divine purpose and uncovering this purpose is the ultimate homecoming of the soul. When we live “on purpose” we are in true alignment with all that we are, all that we have been and all that we can become. This offers you an opportunity to live a life full of joy, success, peace, love and contentment. You can literally create the life that you always dreamt of.

Offering a range of spiritual services including; chakra upgrades, soul purpose readings, chakra readings, psychic readings and energy realignment via Skype.

Her work involves a mixture of Shamanic Practices strongly influenced by her Native American Spirit Guide, Black Bird. This includes, Cacao ceremonies, spiritual death ceremonies, drum journeys, and recapitulation (taking back your power and cord cutting). Some of her work stems from past life experiences.

Her workshops include:

  • Angel Communication Workshop

  • Lucid Dreaming with Mugwort Ceremonial Workshop

  • The Psychic Protection Masterclass

  • Candle Magic Workshop

  • The Art Of Abundance – Prosperity Workshop

  • Meet Your Spirit Guide Workshop

  • The Female Archangels Workshop

  • Living On Purpose – Discovering Your Destiny & Creating A Life That You Love

  • Womb Healing Ceremony

  • Healing with the Archangels Workshop