Claire Stone ~ Spiritual Author, Angel Intuitive.

Claire Stone is a Hay House bestselling author, founder of Angel Mystery School and Psychic Development Expert of Spirit and Destiny magazine.

Claire was born with the ability to see and hear angels. She began offering psychic readings for friends from age 14. After overcoming chronic anxiety with the help of the angels she took a pledge to help others to heal their lives too.

By 2001 she was qualified as a Holistic Therapist and began offering healing therapies psychic readings on a professional basis. Within a few years, she was teaching these courses at the local colleges herself. 

In 2018, Claire was signed by Hay House Inc, wrote her first book and launched Angel Mystery School. 

Claire believes that everyone can communicate (in some form) with their Guardian Angel. She is committed to teaching as many people as possible how they can do what she does. Because life is so much better when you know you have angels by your side.

Her workshops include:

  • Angel Communication Workshop

  • Lucid Dreaming with Mugwort Ceremonial Workshop

  • The Psychic Protection Masterclass

  • Candle Magick Workshop

  • The Art of Abundance – Prosperity Workshop

  • Meet Your Spirit Guide Workshop

  • The Female Archangels Workshop

  • Womb Healing Ceremony

  • Healing with the Archangels Workshop