Archangel Alchemy Membership / Module 2 - Holy Amethyst


Welcome, to Module 2

Hello October!

This is one of my favourite months of the year!

During our live ceremony Samhain, we will be working

with Holy Amethyst and honouring our ancestors.

Here are this months exciting topics!

  • Holy Amethyst
  • Psychic Development – The Clairs
  • The Third Eye Chakra
  • Samhain

To Make the most of this months lesson

  1. Watch your video series and read your angel of the month PDF

2. Read up about the Third Eye chakra in your Chakras workbook

3. Check out the Samhain section of The Angelic Wheel of the year workbook

4. Prepare your items for our live Samhain ceremony, 7.30pm UK, Fri 30th Oct (Items are listed with Course Media)

5. Enjoy yourself! Let us know how you got on in our Facebook community.