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Available 1st June

Welcome to Module Mary.

Mary is one of the most-loved of the Feminine Archangels. An icon of Motherhood, she guides our ascension journey with her guiding star of light.

In this module you will learn:

  • About Archangel Mary, Star of the Sea.
  • Introduction to the Sisterhood of the Rose (AVAILABLE 7TH JUNE)
  • How to clear your ancestral Mother-line.

You will also receive a guided Initiation to awaken your heart to Mary and PDF and an additional meditation.

Make a Plan!

To help you get through this module, I suggest that you set time aside in your diary when you can watch the lessons in peace.

I suggest Lesson 1, Lesson 2 and Exercise 1 taken together in a sitting – this will take you approximately 30 mins.

By spacing the lessons out you spend more time with Archeia Mary in your awareness.

For a deeper connection, you could listen to the Mary meditation (there are 2) once a week across June. I guarantee you will have different experiences each time. Practising both meditations are not compulsory so don’t beat yourself if you are a busy bee. This is simply a suggestion.

Finally, I would take lesson 2 and exercise 3 together. Without giving away too much, they are psychically linked so it will be interesting to hear your stories.

Record your experiences in a journal and please share your findings or ask questions in our FaceBook community group Angel Mystery School – Archangel Alchemy.

Have fun and enjoy yourselves, Love Claire x