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Angel_CourseAngel Course

Archangel Alchemy is a 13-month angel course and membership community created by Claire Stone.

The Piscean age of the guru is out, and the Aquarian age of empowerment is in. Now is your time to realign with your soul and reclaim your spiritual heritage; the wisdom that resides within your soul.

Who better to guide you through your ascension journey than the Angels themselves?

Archangel Alchemy teaches you how to get connected to your inner guidance, polish your psychic gifts and gain a deeper awareness of your souls’ destiny. By understanding the teachings of the angelic rays and your own chakra system you can heal unsupportive beliefs and co-create a happy ‘on purpose’ life.

Develop personal relationships with your Guardian Angel and twelve Archangels to guide, protect and direct your life.


How it Works

Once a month, members receive access to new video lessons, an ‘Angel of the month’ workbook, a professionally recorded guided meditation, an hour-long live Zoom masterclass/ceremony and access to our private Facebook community.

There is also a wide range of on-demand resources available whenever you need them. This includes videos, meditations and worksheets.

Topics covered within the membership include: Archangels, Chakras, Crystals, Psychic Development, The Wheel of the year, Ceremonies, Chants, Rituals, Working with Herbs, Magical Oils, Energy Clearance, Altar Building, Charms, Psychic Protection, Angel Card Reading, Angel Channelling, and so much more!


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