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Awaken to Your Angels

Special Theme Segement

Sunday 19, September, 2021 – 10:30 am to 1:30 pm – GMT

Bringing together the best in the field of angel channels and experts, this Awaken to Your Angels segment will help you recognize and interpret special and personalized angel signs as soon as you get home. Learn how your angel guides are guiding you through daily post-lockdown life to help you manifest your soul’s purpose and heal your hurts. Join us as we debunk common angel myths, learn what archangels do differently to angels and discover how the love of your angels is the best self-love of all. Don’t miss this one-off intimate discussion on the true power of your angel guides.

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Rosalind Moody will host this engaging experience and conversation. Rosalind is editor of Soul & Spirit, the UK’s leading spiritual magazine. It is sold and subscribed to worldwide and has helped bring spirituality firmly into the New Age. Host of its video podcast Spiritually Speaking, she is passionate about healing, creativity and manifestation. She is based in Essex.

Claire Stone is a Hay House bestselling author (The Female Archangels, Reclaim your Power with the Lost Teachings of the Divine Feminine). After working for more than 20 years as a professional psychic and holistic therapy tutor, Claire founded the Angel Mystery School in 2019. Here she offers accredited courses and an online community for spiritual seekers

The Divine Feminine Archangels ~ Throughout the ages, sages and mystics have prophesied a time in which the Divine Feminine would be reinstated. Now is that time! The once obscured Feminine Archangels, the Archeiai, are the wisdom keepers of this ancient knowledge. In this presentation, you will discover who these angels are and how they can help you to align with the highest aspect of your soul. During a guided meditation, you will experience connecting with Cosmic Womb; the place where formless is seeded with form. Archeia Haniel, the Grace of the Goddess will be your guide.

Katy Sloane is an international Life Coach, Angel Teacher and Artist.
A favourite amongst Hollywood A-Listers for angel guidance and private sessions, Katy has made waves across the US teaching her own certifications and courses. She hosts bi-weekly live angel events and teaches at world-renowned ‘Unplug meditation’ LA.

Ascension: Awaken to your Celestial Self ~ In this workshop, you will dive into the Celestial world of Angels and Star Beings.
At this tumultuous time on the planet, the angels are guiding us to open our hearts and minds and unite with the many cosmic beings that are helping humanity and Earth in its ascension at this time. Allow Katy to guide you as you tune into your Celestial team of light and receive their uplifting messages. Prepare to expand your consciousness as you are taken on a guided journey through the stars and into the higher dimensions of light. As you awaken to your Celestial self you remember who you really are, stepping into your true power and becoming a conscious creator of your reality.

Daisy Foss is a Global Presenter and International Healer. She assists in Opening Hearts in the New Now with the Angels of Awakening. Over the past 22 years, she has qualified in more than 24 different modalities of Healing and established her own Angelic Healing practice, using compassion and humour to reach and unlock the Heart in everyone.

Angels of Awakening in the Age of Aquarius ~ This Golden Age of Awakening is the time of enlightenment as the mass consciousness of humanity raises their vibration to illuminate their Soul growth. Daisy and the Angels will guide you to help you wake up and see a new perspective of your new life, and how your new life can unfold in this New Now. Welcome to the Golden Age which we have all been waiting for in this millennium, are you ready for this leap of faith to awaken your Soul? May the Angels’ Light illuminate your way.

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Awakening to your Angels – Conscious Life Expo – London Olympia Hilton Sept 2021

Join Luminaries and Best Selling Authors sharing their wisdom, knowledge and insights bridging science, consciousness and the new now.

About this event

This 3-day conference will explore questions we all have deep down about leading-edge subjects bridging science and consciousness. We have brought together some of the most respected leading-edge, scientific researchers, futurists, oracle channelers, mystics and well-being multi-dimensional healers.

You will learn how to navigate the new now and unfold your innate subtle body and intuitive abilities to deepen the interconnection between your soul, the universe, planet earth and the inner and outer dimensional realms of your human potential.

The 19th annual LA Conscious Life Expo will be premiering its first live Virtual Simulcast event from London England and Los Angeles. The Conscious Life Expo will for the first time build a transatlantic bridge between both international cities. Celebrating in-person events on September 17th, 18th and 19th – 2021.

Below is a list of some of the fascinating topics and featured speakers.

Parapsychology and Human Potential ~ Dr Callum Cooper, Dr Chris Roe and Dr David Vernon.

Manifest Your Soul Purpose ~ Fab Giovanetti, Anne Jirsch and Tracey Ash.

Awaken to Your Angels ~ Rosalind Moody, Katy Sloane, Claire Stone and Daisy Foss.

Malcolm Stern ~ Slay Your Dragons with Compassion

Yasmin Boland ~ TBA

Michael Bernard Beckwith ~ The Planet is Conscious, Are You? Simulcast from LA

Emma Mumford ~ Manifest Your Positively Wealth Life

Stewart Pearce ~ Ignite Your Angelic Radiance

Theresa Bullard ~ Unlocking Your Quantum Potential

Lynne McTaggart ~ Healed in an Instant with the Power of Eight

Theresa Cheung ~ How to Catch Your Dreams

William Henry ~ Avatars Awakening: Humanity’s Last Stand, Simulcast from Los Angeles

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