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Almost everyone is familiar with the Law of Attraction. Yet why do people still struggle to manifest their desires? It seems a common story that people mange to manifest some amazing opportunities or windfalls of cash to only later return to the same state of being, lack.

This was something that I had experienced myself. I asked my Guardian Angel why this was so. He told me that in MANY past lives I had took vows of poverty. I had made promises that I still carried in my soul contract. On top of that, was the Ancestral DNA that I was carrying from relations that had gone without during times of scarcity such as the depression.

My Angels and guides took me to the Akashic Halls to review what I was holding on to. Then they were able to assist me in weeding out these beliefs that didn’t even belong to me and to sever the energetic cords where I had bound myself to poverty in the past.
Once I had undergone this period of ‘purging’ I found that my mindset was much more focused on what I wanted and I had the enthusiasm to create a goal and stick to it.
I began to manifest all kinds of opportunities within no time. As if from nowhere I had manifest Celebrity Clients, Magazine deals, A new car, a bucket list holiday.. the list is endless.
My Angel helpers, Archangel Gabriel in particular, has asked me to host this event and offer the rituals to the public. So here we are!

The event will consist of:

  • Mindset
  • Identifying our BELIEFS around money
  • Shedding negative beliefs exercise
  • Candle magic for abundance ritual
  • How energy moves or gets stuck
  • Shamanic Drum Journey to the Akashic Halls
  • Ritual to release any vows of poverty in past lives and clear our ancestral lines in regards to abundance.
  • Planting intentions
  • Programming crystals for abundance

Investment is £44

The workshop is 10-3.30pm at the Mercure, St Helens
Free Parking on site
Hot drinks provided
Bring your own lunch or purchase from the hotel / near by shops

Tickets can be purchased via PAYPAL to [email protected]

Please quote ‘I AM RICH’ so I know which event you are booking.
PM for bank details

Any questions please ask.