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Candle Magic Ritual

Join Hay House author Claire Stone on a magical candle magic ritual workshop. Candle Magic has been long used in ritual and sacred ceremony.

Harnessing powers of both fire and air makes candles a very potent magical tool to:

Shed light where there is darkness

Revive energy and passion

Clear stagnation and blockages

Purify and clear away negativity that binds us to fear and pain

Manifest your wishes


You can choose a theme for this event –


To Banish – Release something that you do not wish to carry into 2020.


To Manifest – What would you like to experience more of in 2020? More love, Good health? Good luck?

Whichever theme you choose, you can focus on more than one intention but they have to be either banish or manifest. (If you choose banish, you can banish more than one thing).

Sat in a sacred space you get the opportunity to participate in this wonderful candle magic ritual to use this potent magic in a way that best serves you (manifest or banish).

Claire has been performing candle magic ritual for over 25 years. You do not need to bring anything.

Please note, this event is within a Wellbeing event called ‘I Love Me’. There is a small admission charge into the event, please check. There are food, stalls and therapies.

This event is in a room accessible via the main hall. There is a door in the corner next to the stage area. Please be on time, this is a time-sensitive event as there are workshops back to back in the room.

Any qs please drop me an email at clairestone444@gmail.com

Please note that tickets sell out fast.


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