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Do you want to enhance your visual experiences during meditation? Do you find it hard to “see” or trust what you are seeing? Would you love to experience the magical medicine of Lady Mugwort to help you connect to your higher self-guidance?


Under the potent energies of the Harvest Full Moon, I am creating a sacred ceremony to assist you in entering the dream world.


The evening will consist of 3 separate guided drum journeys, each time taking you deeper and deeper into the superconscious mind, where you can receive guidance from your Higher Self, Deities, Angels and of course Lady Mugwort.


After opening our circle, we will set our intentions, what do you want to know?


We will then take our Mugwort through a sacred tea ceremony.


You will then lie back and relax while I take you on a guided drum journey.


Through your three journeys, you will retrieve the answers you are seeking or divine guidance about your soul path.


You will receive tips on enhancing lucid dreaming and how to recall your dreams.


The Full Moon is an optimal time to participate in this magical experience, for this is when the veils between worlds are thin. The world of illusion, dreams, and alternate realities are much easier accessed.


Psychic visions- ceremony- plant medicine-


What to bring:

A Journal & Pen


A pillow, blankets, yoga mat or sleeping bag – please bring whatever you need to be warm and comfortable lying on the floor.

An offering to Lady Mugwort – EG; A feather, Tobacco, a Stone, Chocolate, etc. 



Then     £30 FOR THE REMAINING 10.

To purchase either buy your ticket here via PayPal or email me for Bank transfer/cash instructions @ [email protected]

If you do not wish to ingest the herb there are alternative ways of working with her which I will explain on the night.


Your Host:

Claire Stone – I am a fully qualified Master Herbalist and have worked for many years with lady Mugwort. I have been holding sacred circles, rituals, workshops, and retreats since 2001. Please see my bio to learn more about me.

This medicine is not hallucinogenic. She is a very subtle and gentle plant to work with. If you have any medical conditions or are taking prescribed medication please email me at [email protected] to discuss.



This magical event is taking place at Bee Yoga Studio, 138 Loushers Lane, Warrington, Cheshire, WA42RH.

Please arrive at 6.45 to start at 7 pm prompt.

Lucid Dreaming- psychic visions


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