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Journey with the Angels of the Divine Feminine Δ

Journey with the Angels of the Divine Feminine.

The age of Aquarius is upon us, unveiling Archangels that were once obscured by patriarchy. For thousands of years the female Archangels, the Archeiai, have safeguarded mystery teachings of the divine feminine. Now as each of us reclaims our sacred self piece by piece we collectively reinstate our Divine Mother Goddess. By uniting the sacred masculine and feminine we are reborn into the divine child of the cosmos. As within, so without.
This is an exclusive invitation to join Claire Stone, Hay House author of The Female Archangels to explore the sacred energies of the angels of the divine feminine on this very intimate introductory workshop.
Who these beings are
Why they have been obscured from us
Why they are making themselves known now
How they can help us
The angels of the Divine feminine can help us to navigate through multi-levels of consciousness. They assist in the retrieval of innate wisdom from deep within our souls. By calling in their energy, they facilitate as a container of high vibrational space, a place where states of non-ordinary reality can be experienced. They temporarily part the veils so that we can remember our truth and take whatever we need from the timelines of our past, present and future. 
After creating sacred offerings, you will be guided in meditations to call in four of the Archeiai to experience their energy.
We will be working with: 
Earth – Archeia Ariel, Lioness of the Goddess. Draws out magic within us, helps in the manifesting abundance, blesses and protects all creatures.
Air – Archeia Faith, Trust in the Goddess. Helps you to stand in your power and speak your divine truth. Aligns you with your destiny.
Fire – Archangel Aurora, Dawn of the Goddess. Forges our spirit, initiates and alchemises, reveals what within us needs to die. Sheds light on what is to be born.
Water – Archeia Mary, Star of the Sea, Guardian angel of Mother Mary, keeper of sacred waters and women’s wisdom.




A bottle of spring water (from your local area if possible)

A journal and pen

An offering for our altar 

A blanket & socks should you wish to wrap up for the meditations




A book signing will be taking place after the event, click here to preorder your copy now and claim 3 amazing free gifts!


The Female Archangels

Books will also be available to purchase on the night.




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