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So many of us still carry wounds and psychic cords of attachment to those we have opened our hearts to and then been hurt.
If you have had a sexual relationship with this person, more psychic bonds are created.
As women we absorb. And then wonder, why is it so hard to move on?
Everything is energy and the bonds that you have created can be severed.
This allows you to reclaim your lost powers what you have given away.
It clears your womb space allowing more focus and clarity on what you could be manifesting if your energy wasn’t going down the analogetic plug.

This healing experience includes:

  • Ceremonial grade cacao ceremony
  • Yoni (womb) steam
  • Cord cutting ritual
  • Recapitulation (taking back your energy)
  • Shamanic drumming

Please do not book on this event if it is your noontime.
If you have a coil fitted or are in antidepressants please message for a chat within me first.

This event is hosted in groups of 4. You do not need to get naked or show your bits to have the womb steam. I have special chairs and skirts.

Investment £44

To book please message me for PayPal or bank details