New, Exclusive!!!

Angel Communication Online Course

With Claire Stone, founder of Angel Mystery School ®

Have you ever wondered who your guardian angel is?

Would you love to learn how to communicate with the angelic realm yourself?

Or perhaps you are already pulling angel cards and now you are ready to take things to the next level?

I’m Claire Stone and I have been able to communicate with angels all of my life. For the last fifteen years, I have been teaching others all of the techniques that I personally use when giving readings in my workshops.

I have been hosting Angel Communication Course as an in-person event for many years, but to reach my audience from afar I have recorded this workshop into an online video series.

For a limited time only, With the current C-19 pandemic I am offering this package at a very low price.

For just £22 you will receive

  • Angel Communication Online Video Course
  • Angel Communication PDF
  • A printable completion certificate

PLUS, the following FREE GIFTS:

  • A recording of a live workshop ‘Chanting in the Archangels’
  • A guided meditation

Angel Communication Online Course Topics Covered:

  • How to create sacred space and clear your vibes.
  • Raising your vibration to match the angelic frequencies.
  • Meditation to meet your Guardian angel.
  • How to use Angel cards.
  • How angels may communicate on a more subtle level with signs and calling cards.
  • How to communicate with your Angel directly through channelling.

You will also receive a PDF of the handout which accompanies the course. You
can use it to refresh your knowledge of what you have learned in the video.
Plus, some additional content:

  • Protection with St Michael- Shielding your aura, your home and protecting
    your loved ones.
  • Healing with St Raphael- Calling upon the angels of healing and how to use the Emerald Green Ray.
  • Abundance with Archeia Ariel- How to invoke the assistance of the Earth Angels for prosperity and wishes.
  • Spiritual Knowledge with St Uriel- Enlighten your mind with a third eye breathing exercise with Uriel (light of God).