100ml Bottle

Michael ‘He who is like God’.

This essence contains holy spring water from Avalon, the heart chakra of Planet Earth, and is left overnight on the Michael and Mary ley lines to absorb these holy energies.

It has been blessed and attuned to the courageous and protective frequencies of beloved Archangel Michael.

It contains crystal vibrations and Angelite to assist in Angelic connection and Blue Lace Agate to strengthen the throat chakra and help you speak your divine truth.

Essential oils of frankincense, rosemary, cedarwood and myrrh are included in the spray which are well known for their cleansing and purifying properties.

This particular blend of holy waters, crystals and oils was given to me from Archangel Michael himself.

Uses of this vibrational essence:

  • Invokes the protection of Archangel Michael
  • Cleanse Tarot / Angel cards / crystals
  • To help you speak your truth
  • Creating a sacred space before meditation
  • Release and psychic cord cutting
  • To communicate with your guardian angel
  • Psychic protection
  • To cleanse you and your clients auras before readings / holistic therapies
  • To give you a feeling of courage and confidence
  • To raise your vibration
  • To heighten psychic awareness
  • Strengthen the throat chakra
  • To use during prayer and sacred rituals or ceremonies

Ask Michael to surround you in his cobalt blue cloak of protection. Ask him to use his sword and cut away psychic cords that bind you to fear, negative energies or people.