Meditation for Beginners


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Think you don’t have time to meditate? Then think again. The Meditation for Beginners Masterclass offers an easy, fast approach to learning the art of meditation. It was created for busy people like you and me.

I will gently guide you through three different types of meditation.

Once you have discovered your preferred style, committing to your relaxation training is easy!

You will learn how to implement a daily meditation practice into a busy lifestyle. With as little as 5- mins a day, you will see real benefits in your life.

With my simple ‘meditation hacks’ you will learn how to meditate without carving any time out of your day at all!
The rewards of meditation include lower stress levels, enhanced creativity, the ability to focus, better mental health, clarity, focus and the ability to feel more joy! This course is for beginners or those who are just easing back into practice.
This video series is broken down into bite sizes chunks. The total running time is approx 90 mins long.

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