Claire Stone was born with psychic gifts that allow her to see and communicate with Angels and her Spirit Guides. At the age of just 14, Claire began to study the art of psychic card reading. Now with well over 20 years experience, she is quite the tarot expert. She is very compassionate and will not judge any questions that you may like answering.

There are two styles of readings that you may choose from or a little bit of both.

They are: General psychic Tarot or Ascension readings.

Please read on to discover the best-suited reading for you.

Psychic Readings St Helens

Tarot Card Readings St HelensA tarot card reading can shed insight into areas of your daily life where you may be lacking in clarity. Using her cards, Claire asks to be shown ‘stories’ of potential outcomes. This is the perfect way to obtain a ‘heads up’ experience, enabling you to make the correct decision if you are feeling at a cross roads or in two minds about something.

Claire’s main area of expertise are in career readings or relationship readings.

Sometimes people like to have a reading just for a burst of inspiration or because they are curious about what it to come in their future.

If you are having a non-specific reading, then you can expect Claire to find out what is currently happening in your life and what is around the corner. You are free to ask any questions that you are seeking answers too. Claire is a very positive reader. You do not need to worry about receiving ‘bad news’. Of course won’t we all encounter some form of disappointments over the coming year?, that is part of life, but rest assured Claire always looks for the good news or something that will prove to be helpful for the upcoming. You do not need to be anxious about your reading.

Tarot readings with Claire are intended to be an uplifting healing experience.

If you ask a direct question such as “Can I trust my friend?” you will get an honest answer.


You can have your reading at Claire’s home in St Helens if you are local to the area (Manchester, Liverpool, Knowsley, Cheshire, Warrington). Or you can have an online appointment via Skype or Zoom.

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*Please note there could be up to 2 weeks wait for an appointment time, however if you need answers urgently please make this known.


30 mins £40 

60 mins £70

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Claire’s client base reaches all over the world including: Australia, Japan, Hawaii, Brazil, France, USA, Amsterdam, and Italy. She has been on UK and Australian radio, ITVs The Real Housewives of Cheshire, BBC2 Documentary, and countless spiritual magazines.

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psychic Development St Helens

What is holding you back?
What is the next step in your spiritual growth?
What is your soul longing for?

This style of reading is aimed at light workers that have come up against a stumbling block on their spiritual ascension pathway. Perhaps you keep repeating a cycle, are struggling to manifest a desire, are wondering about a past life connection or are even wondering what your souls purpose is!

In this reading I will use cards, my guardian angel and spirit guides to connect to your higher self. Depending on what area you are feeling stuck I will obtain information from your akashic records and your soul blueprint.

The information I receive will assist you in identifying any blocks that you have in your mindset, ancestral or past life karma and so forth..

These sessions are seldom ‘just a reading’ and often include chakra upgrades, psychic protection rituals, cord cutting, and guided healing visualisations.

I can help you with energy clearance, defusing psychic attack and shielding if required.


£70 per hour

Please email me to make a booking.

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