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Claire Stone was born with psychic gifts that allow her to see and communicate with Angels and her Spirit Guides.

Aged just 11, Claire discovered that she had a love for Tarot cards and began to study everything she possibly could about them.

Now with over 25 years of experience, she is quite the tarot expert and teachers accredited Tarot courses as well as giving private readings. 

Claire’s Psychic work has been featured on T.V and in numerous national newspapers and magazines.

She is currently the Psychic Development Expert at Spirit and Destiny Magazine.


Readings cost £111 for 1 hour.


About Psychic Tarot Readings

A general tarot card reading can:

  • Bring deep clarity when you are in need of answers or reassurance.
  • Look at career choices.
  • Help you to move on.
  • Motivate and inspire you.
  • Discover what the future holds.
  • Find answers and solutions to your problems.

For the spiritually-minded, we can look at 

  • What is holding you back.
  • What is the next step in your spiritual growth.
  • What is your soul longing for?
  • Stumbling blocks on your spiritual pathway.
  • Spiritual/karmic lessons
  • Past-life connections. 

These sessions are seldom ‘just a reading’ and often include chakra upgrades, psychic protection rituals, cord-cutting, and guided healing visualisations. Whatever you need.

You are free to ask any questions that you are seeking answers to. I am very good at gaining insight into your issues.

I am a very positive reader. You do not need to worry about receiving ‘bad news’.

You can have your reading at Claire’s home in Hale, Cheshire. Although most clients tend to have an appointment on Zoom.


You can purchase a reading by using the online appointment system below.

If my calendar doesn’t suit your timezone then please email me and my team will set this up for you.

For hundreds of 5 *reviews please see Claire’s FaceBook page Claire Stone.

This is not a mediumship reading. I will not be connecting with your loved ones. As aforementioned, the psychic information that I gather will be from my Angels, Guides and cards.