I am a multidimensional reader. This means that I can channel a specific realm or a combination or realms in one reading. I am an expert in Tarot reading which is perfect for seeking answers for everyday life such as work, relationships and health. I can also communicate with the Angelic realm, Ascended masters, Star Beings and Animal Totems.

Think of it like each realm is like a radio station. It takes different energetic frequencies to tune into each one as they are each different.

I have divided my reading styles so that you can choose the perfect psychic reading for you.

Psychic Readings St Helens

psychic Development St Helens

What is holding you back?
What is the next step in your spiritual growth?
What is your soul longing for?

In this reading I will connect to your higher self, your guardian angel, akashic records and your soul blueprint.

The information I receive will assist you in identifying any blocks you have in your mindset and how to work on removing them. These blocks prevent you from becoming the best version of yourself and so bringing them to the surface enables the clearing process to begin. Mind set is the first layer to work on because every single thing that is manifest sprouts its seeds within the mind. Once the mind is cleared and expanded in conscious awareness, the physical shifts will start to occur naturally.  Information from the akasha often brings up past life and ancestral situations that are influencing your spiritual DNA in a detrimental way. This gives us the opportunity for clearance and often creates ‘ah ha’ moments by shedding light on what was previously not recognised or understood. In other words, you can let go of personal and ancestral baggage.

The souls blueprint, holds the energetic pattern of  unlimited potential for your souls growth. It is the facet of your soul that knows it is part of the collective source /creator energy but has its own personal signature. This blueprint is what we are striving to align with to embody the constantly evolution of our soul. We will work on how you can access and merge with your blueprint.

I will help you to dismantle limited thinking, get in tune with your soul and look at implementing how to shine your light.

£70 per hour

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Medium St Helens

This reading will consist of messages that I channel for you by tuning into different frequencies that are available at the time. They will range from Angels, Spirit guides, Ascended Masters, Power Animals, Elementals and Star Beings. The connections I pick up on will be personal for you and will depend on your monad (where your soul originated) and where you have spent past lives and your soul purpose in this lifetime.

This style of reading removes all veils on your uncovers guidance for your spiritual growth. It will also put together pieces of the puzzle of who you truly are.

Often there are opportunities to recover your light codes to accelerate you  If you have any questions this is the reading that can answer almost anything you would like to know.

30 mins £40
1 hour £70

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Tarot Card Readings St HelensI am an expert in tarot readings and have read them since I was 14 years old back in 1995. I also teach online Tarot courses.

Tarot card readings offer insight into your life, your feelings and predict you future. The beauty of these readings is that the fact that you can ask the outcome of any problem. So if you were at a cross roads for instance they cards could predict the outcomes of both pathways.

People have been having psychic card reading from me from all over the world either in person or on the phone. They usually would like to know about romance, work,  family and sometimes just for fun.

I am more than happy for you to record your reading then you can listen back to it in future. I often have a message from your guardian angel at the end of a Tarot reading. You can have your reading in person, on the phone, Zoom, or Face Book Messenger video call. Please specify when you make you booking.

30 mins £40

60 mins £70


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angel reading st helensI have always been able to see and communicate with Angels. They bring us such loving and uplifting messages, and just what we need to hear.

Most of my written work and workshop content is channelled to me from Archangel Gabriel. Gabes is not my guardian angel, but does assist me with my communication. This reading will have messages from various Archangels and guardian angels. Angel cards may be used in conjunction with your reading if you like.

30 mins £40 (phone / zoom / skype)

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psychic reading st helens

“Claire is by far the most wonderful, inspirational woman you will ever meet. She is literally angelic! I can personally recommend all workshops, holistic therapies (I love the aromatherapy full body massages), products and also the retreats as they’re my escape from my everyday life. Five stars for this beauty. Love and light.”

Lauren Lwellyn.


What is the aura and chakras?

Your aura ( auric field ) is your life force energy that surrounds your body. This field is an invisible ( unless you have awakened clairvoyant abilities ) extension of your spirit. There are several layers of the aura and each layer links up to one of your major energy centres called the chakras. The aura houses information, including health, your thinking, hopes and fears. Your aura is akin to a psychic detector. If you are in tune with your energy you will be able to detect bad vibes and so forth.

Before a person becomes ill it shows up in the aura, and so having this type of healing can prevent the onset of illness and disease. The aura can be polluted or damaged. Most damage is due to our negative thinking, being around negative people, stressful life situations, trauma and from letting our energetic well become depleted by not filling ourselves up with the nourishment that our soul needs.

The aura can also be punctured and carry ‘psychic darts’ or ‘arrows’ from negative energy that people send our way by simply thinking nasty or jealous thoughts towards us.

With the assistance of my angels and guides I can remove arrows, and seal up aura holes. I can then provide you with appropriate exercises to keep your energy shielded for future attack, which no one escapes unless you live on a desert island by yourself. Not everyone will like us and even though they may mean us no harm they unconsciously negative thoughts are sent our way.

How I work

My Angels and guides show me where the life force – KI- is trapped and / or stagnant in the physical body, the aura and within the chakras of my clients. I will often feel any physical symptoms that you have in my own body. I will channel messages from various Archangels and Ascended Masters regarding the reasons and thoughts behind any imbalances detected. This information is vital, because once the system is repaired and rebalanced it is up to the individual to maintain it. To not look at the thinking that allowed any imbalance to take place would be like wearing muddy boots on a new white carpet. Eventually the carpet will become soiled by the boots.

Come and press the reset button on your vitality, health, happiness and abundance. Free yourself and keep your vibes safe.

£60 per hour either in person or remote healing via Skype / FB / Zoom

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This method can be used for the following:

  • Clearing your energy from past sexual partners
  • Clearing your energy from sexual abuse
  • Clearing your energy from any person or situation that still holds you back
  • Betrayal

What is cord cutting and recapitulation?
A process to severe the energetic connection between persons you have had sexual relations with, or situations where you have been disempowered. Recapitulation is an ancient shamanic ritual that takes back your energy.

Sexual energy
When you have a sexual experience with someone, you create an energetic bond or link with that person. Your life force energy (which is the same as sexual energy) can become entangled with these partners and with the energy of the people that they have previously had sex with as well. This energy can remain entangled within you for approximately seven years. However, if the experience left you with emotional scars the connection can last a life time. It is scary to think that part of our essence may be polluted by the darkness of others.

Sex is a form of magic
Sex is underestimated by many. Sex is a form of magic. It is a sacred union of the divine life forces coming together to bring physical manifestation from the unseen worlds. The holy womb space is a portal for spirit. It is the only place where spirit takes form.
Our sexual energies don’t just create life, but also what we bring into our lives.
Men use their seeds to plant intentions and women grow, nurture and create from the seed.
Your ability to manifest what you want is strongly influenced by your sexual energy. This is because your sexual energy is the driving force behind making things happen. Sexual energy doesn’t have to feel sexual. It doesn’t mean that you are sexual aroused because you are working with sexual energy. It is simply a tool for creation.
When a man ejaculates, he projects all of his essence (good or bad). Imagine he has been marinading his thoughts on worry or anger. If you have intercourse, this highly charged energy is then deposited within you.
Each month, the females (whether we bleed or not) have the opportunity to release all of the unwanted energies they may gathered. Sadly, this ancient wisdom isn’t common knowledge for the modern woman and what is a great opportunity to release what no longer serves us is looked upon as shameful, or simply as an inconvenience.

Recapitulation is a sacred ritual, that I have studied and trained in. It gives you the opportunity to take back your energy and to release what is not yours. Think return to sender.
It becomes easier to get over an ex partner, or assists with the healing of wounds from sexual abuse, or infidelity when you are free from that person energetically.
Clearing your life force channel and reclaiming power that you once gave away is not only liberating but extremely empowering.

What happens during the ritual?
The ritual is either performed live on the computer or in person at a ceremony I host. You will be required to take a bath / shower before and after the session. There are a few simple items that you will need (unless your with me in person). The process involves prayers and guided visualisation. You will learn specific breathing techniques and mantras which are from the direct lineage of Carlos Casteneda. This is a beautiful and powerful healing ritual, which will be fully supported and held by our angels, guides and archangels. Very often I will receive transmission for you and your healing journey. I can tune into the higher dimensions of your soul and we can look at what needs healing through the eyes of the divine.
This process may take one session or many sessions to fully recover depending on your emotional scars. But you will not need me every time (unless you want me to). You will know how to use this tool for the rest of your life.

1.5 hour private session online or in person £99
Half day and full day workshops may be scheduled in the calendar please see events for dates.

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Healing the womb with yoni steams – Celebrity Big Brother Lisa Appleton having a Yoni Steam

Yoni is an ancient Sanskrit word for Vagina. It also translates to ‘Sacred Place’ or ‘Cave of Wonder’. Through Yoni healing, women can re-awaken her  Goddess power, let go of limiting beliefs or negative ties and reclaim her own truth.
Vaginal steams are becoming a fashionable holistic therapy throughout the glamorous world of celebrities. However, this is an ancient spiritual practice which has been passed down through generations of tribal and wild women throughout history. In our modern times more and more of us are searching for natural solutions to health care and we are also becoming increasingly aware of energy.

What happens during a Yoni Steam?
There is absolutely nothing to fear about having a vaginal steam. The experience is very relaxing. Prior to your treatment, you will let me know the reason for therapy. It could be from menstrual issue to an emotional issue to a past sexual experience. This is so I can prepare a bespoke blend of herbs designed to meet your needs. I am a qualified Master Herbalist.
Once you arrive you will be given a specially made long skirt to wear which you can slip on in the changing room and remove your underwear. Your herbal steam blend will be placed beneath a special yoni chair which you will sit on . Your modesty is protected at all times. Now you can relax in the candle lit room and enjoy a hot drink and experience a guided mediation.
Treatments last from about 1 hour.

Why have a Yoni Steam?

There are many benefits to treating yourself to a herbal womb steam including:

  • Painful periods
  • PMT
  • Shrink fibroids
  • Cleanses and tones the lining of the womb
  • Prepares the womb for pregnancy
  • Cleanses the womb after a pregnancy, miscarriage, termination or STI
  • Scar tissue healing
  • Increases fertility
  • Cyclic Breast pain
  • Specialist herbs can encourage menses to start up for those who don’t bleed
  • Releases negative energy and psychic cords from past lover’s, sexual abuse, miscarriage, termination.
  • Can heal energetic blocks of creativity, self love, mothers love, abandonment.
  • Brings healing to the repression of the Divine Feminine within us ALL
  • Prevents us passing this suppression of the female to our daughters and granddaughters our future female generations.

Keep an eye out on the events page to book onto the next steam ceremony.
Treatment costs £50 for 1-2-1 or £40 in a group womb ceremony ( 4 people max ).

Yoni Chair

Bespoke herbal blend and Blessed Yoni Eggs

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