New Year Manifesting with Tarot

New Year Manifesting with Tarot

New Year Manifesting with Tarot


It’s comeback season! Now is the time to get clear on your goals and carve out that essential time to plant those proverbial seeds!

Do you want more love, money, health or success? Whatever it is you desire you must remember to CLAIM it! 2022 is the year of love and partnerships, it will all come together if you are ready to allow it.

In this workshop, we will set our intentions in a highly focused way. By raising the energy together, we generate great momentum to cast your wish. This high energy will propel your dreams from your mind and into gestation, materialising in aligned timing.


We will cover –

Intention setting

The Law of Attraction

Goal setting

Tarot Magick


I will show you how I have used Tarot cards to birth my manifestations.

This event will take place on Zoom.


New Year Manifesting with Tarot

You will need:

A Journal and Pen (treat yourself to a new one)

A deck of Tarot cards – preferably Universal Rider Waite


This event takes place on Sunday 2nd January 2022, in the comfort of your own home.

We start at 7 pm U.K  / 2 pm EST

To set the scene, you may like to burn incense and light a candle. Bring your favourite comfy items to keep warm and relaxed during the guided meditations.

Closer to the time you will receive an email with your Zoom code – in the meanwhile get thinking about your dreams for next year.

Manifesting with Sigil Magic

Pentagram Claire Stone

This event is held within the ‘I LOVE ME WELLBEING EVENT’.

Claire Stone brings to you another magical workshop, for the first time Sigil Magic.


Working with Sigils (Sacred Seals) has its roots in Angelology. It is more famously linked to The Seals of Solomon.


In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn how to create your own sigils to manifest your dreams into your waking reality.


Sigils are not only used as a way of setting an intention but also to imprint messages within the subconscious mind, which can be very powerful in helping you to create the highest version of you. Imagine having a sacred symbol that imbues you with confidence, joy, calm or whatever qualities you would like to draw into your being.


If you would like to learn how to use this very simple yet potent magickal method then please do join me in this special ceremony/workshop.


Booking is required as places are limited and always sell out.


The cost of the workshop is £20.


Tickets are available via the link below, where you can use PayPal to purchase. If you need bank details or cash please PM me.


Please be on time for the event. It would be good if you can think of an intention prior to the event.


Any questions please feel free to ask.


Please be aware that there is a small entry fee into The I Love Me Event. There will be stalls, psychics, and therapies to enjoy.


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SOLD OUT * Get Rich! Retreat

law-of-attraction- abundance- prosperity- business

law-of-attraction- abundance- prosperity- business


Here is your chance to experience how it feels to live like a VIP.

The law of attraction promises us that our future reality is based on how feel now.

Spend 2 nights in style in this decadent country manor and learn how to think and feel like a millionaire.

This weekend has been formulated for driven women to ensure optimal success in your businesses and manifestations whilst remaining true to yourself.

Do you ever wonder how it feels to have a job that brings you joy? Since I gave up working for others my life has changed from same sh*t different day to non stop excitement and fulfilment, not to mention the increase in abundance!

Let me help you to discover what your personal money blocks are and together we will work through them, creating a new mindset empowering you to achieve more whist working less. Yes I did say less. I can show you how to work smarter. Saving time means that you will no longer need to compromise your own needs in order to get ahead.

You will learn:

How your thoughts and feelings create your life.

When you take responsibility for your life you take back your power!

How rich people think.

What is poverty and prosperity consciousness.

What are your subconscious money blocking beliefs.

How to rewire your thinking for success and abundance.

How to create a ‘power house’ feng shui corner for your home / office.

How to become a magnet to money & opportunities.

You will experience:

A Tarot card psychic reading to delve deep into your subconscious ( if you dont know what your blocks are the cards can be used as a tool to reveal this to us. )

Exercises and tutorials incorporating all of the above content.

A powerful ritual to release self doubt and negativity.

A powerful intention setting ritual.


Ladies, this fabulous event is an investment. If you are ready to change your life then do join us.

All meals are included.

Champagne & strawberries on arrival.

Northridge Hall offers you a five star luxury stay. Rooms are twin or super king please state your preferences on booking.

There will be spare time to relax in the jacuzzis, stroll the grounds or simply relax and enjoy the company of a like minded support network.

All of this for the price of a lux hotel room!

All meals, all workshops & 5* accommodation.

Price £449* (shared twin room).

THREE EARLY BIRD PLACES ARE AVAILABLE AT £399!! Don’t miss out book now with just £100 deposit.

Instalments are accepted.

To reserve your place please message me directly for Paypal or bank details.

We might even have a celebrity guest joining us ;-)