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The Female Archangels


The Female Archangels

Who are the Female Archangels and why are we only hearing about them now? People ask me this question all of the time. It seems a mystery as to why the angels that we are familiar with (from religion) all have masculine names.

In truth, angels are androgynous, and above gender, yet they are masculine or feminine in nature (energy) and thus for lack of a better word I have come to know these delightful beings as the Female Archangels or the Archeiai. The Archeiai (pronounced ar kay ah) are the angels of the divine feminine flame, the wisdom keepers of the Goddess.

The ancient wisdom of the feminine has been obscured from humanity since the fall of the last golden age – the era of Atlantis. Following the descent of human consciousness, the magic of women was suppressed by the rising power of patriarchy (masculine power in its negative form).

As we astrologically align with the age of Aquarius our divine mother is returned, ready for us to embrace all of her beauty, love and knowledge. When we heal our own lives with the lost teachings of the Divine Feminine, in turn, balance is restored to Earth. She is the missing piece of our spiritual ascension.

We have seen her fall, and now we witness her rise

In my book The Female Archangels, I cover 11 of the Archeiai.

They are called :

Lady Haniel ‘Grace of the Goddess’.

She is the Angel of the Moon, womb wisdom and ritual.

Lady Ariel ‘Lioness of the Goddess’.

She is the angel of strength, nature and magic.

Lady Aurora ‘Dawn of the Goddess’.

She is the angel of endings, the dark night of the soul and new beginnings.

Lady Mary ‘Star of the Sea’.

She is the angel of children, your cosmic destiny, and the healing arts. 

Lady Faith ‘Trust in the Goddess’.

She is the angel of protection, truth and justice.

Lady Charity ‘Generous love of the Goddess’.

She is the angel of romance, soul mates and unconditional love.

Lady Hope ‘Wish of the Goddess’.

She is the angel of manifesting abundance, summoning optimism and joy.

Lady Seraphina ‘Fire of the Goddess’.

She is the angel of the divine word, sacred sound and ascension.

Lady Shekinah ‘Glory of the Goddess’.

She is the angel of soul alchemy, crystals and developing the crystalline body.

Lady Christine ‘Follower of Christ’.

She is the angel of wisdom, enlightenment and the buddha-christ mind.


The- Female- Archangels

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Angel Course - The Female Archangels



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Yoni Mudra

Yoni Mudra

Yoni Mudra

This image is taken from my book ‘The Female Archangels, Reclaim Your Power with the Lost Teachings of the Divine Feminine for the purposes of the listeners of the audiobook version. Full instruction of how to use the Yoni Mudra are included in the book.

Yoni Mudra

© Claire Stone, 2020, Hay House.

The- Female- Archangels

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Snow Moon

Snow Moon

Snow Moon

Full Moon Ritual

February’s full moon lands on Sunday 9th at 7.33 am GMT (other time zones click HERE). This months supermoon is known as the Snow Moon due to the ground usually being covered in snow at this time of year. In other traditions it is known as the Storm Moon, again down to the weather and the Hunger Moon; food reserves would now be running very low after a long winter. 

This full moon follows Imbolc – the halfway marker towards spring. After this Moon, life would have become easier for our ancestors, with the increased light, extra warmth and the stirrings of growth Springtime was very much welcomed and even a reason to celebrate. 

Suggested activities in line with the energies of the Snow Moon:

Have a spring clean.

Declutter -Donate or sell any items that you are holding onto and don’t really need.

Cook a meal for family and friends, give thanks for all you have to eat.

If possible, donate food to a local food bank.

Practise candle magic rituals.

Work with Archangel Uriel ‘ Light of God’ and Archeia Aurora ‘Dawn of the goddess’.

Watch the sunrise and invite more light into your life.

Snow Moon Releasing Ritual

Perform this on the night of the full moon or either day aside.

You will need: A sheet of paper and a pen, a yellow or red candle, a small container (dish or tub), 


On a sheet of paper, write a list of what you wish to release from the winter months. This can include any worries, stress, fear, lack of abundance, or even outworn relationships.

∇  Fold the paper up as small as possible and place in a small container.

∇  Pour water into the container, just enough to cover the paper.

∇  Place into the freezer for a few hours until fully frozen.

∇  Place the container onto a window ledge facing the direction EAST.

∇  Light a red or yellow candle next to it and say:

“As the Snow moon swells,

I call where the light dwells,

The barriers of my heart begin to melt,

So that love, peace and healing is felt”

Allow the ice to melt fully, absorbing the transformative light force of the candle and the direction of East – the rising light. 

Pour the water down the drain and mash up the paper until your writing can no longer be seen, then discard it.

Light a candle each morning or evening prior to your daily mediataion practise, upon lighting say:

 “The light increases day by day, love, luck and happiness are coming my way”.

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The Female Archangels