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Here you will discover an array of magickal courses that can help you to manifest your best life, heal and replenish your energy and get yourself spiritually connected.

I offer online and in-person courses and annually open the doors to our exclusive member’s club for those who really want to accelerate their spiritual awakening and get connect with like-minded souls.


Angelic Wisdom Keepers Diploma £199

Archangel Ariel Mini Course £9.99

FREE 7-Day Chakra Healing Challenge

Chakra Healing Challenge FREE


Angel Communication Online Course £22 (half price sale)


Meditation for Beginners Masterclass £22 (half price sale)

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Our Reviews ...

“She’s amazing”

“I can’t even describe my experience; most definitely shifted something in me forever. If you are truly vested in your search for guidance on your journey, Claire is that light that will illuminate that darkness and hold that space to help you find direction. She is definitely someone you want as part of your spiritual tribe. Love her.”

Mariluz Rodriguez, Pennsylvania, USA

“I have been to a Shamanism evening and an Angel Immersion day.”

“Both were a real spiritual eye opener and have helped me immensely on my personal journey. Claire explains things so well in a really informal and fun way but with real depth and great insight. Awesome xxxx”

Anthea McClay, England, UK

“Very grateful for the wisdom, insights and teachings of this beautiful woman.”

“I love her sense of humour and fierce truth. The combination of delivering abstract wisdom and insights on a very grounded manner works for me! I have learned so much about myself, my path and some great magic stuff as well. Looking forward to learning much more! Thank you!”

Charlotte Lightheart, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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