By Claire Stone

One of the most common questions that I get asked is “Does everybody have a Guardian Angel?”. My answer to this is most definitely a big fat YES YES YES! Every single person has an angel; a being of light that watches over you and holds you in their loving embrace.

In fact, every living thing has some form of guardian angel including animals and even the tiniest blade of grass! All life is treasured and loved by a higher force. Call that Creator, God or Goddess, The Universe, The Divine Mind, Source or simply just Energy. Most of us agree (including scientists) that there is a supreme intelligence that connects each and every one of us together. 

Our Guardian Angel can act as a bridge between us and the Source, the word Angel means messenger, but I have come to believe that Angels ARE our creator, they are not separate but in fact a fragment of light directly from the heart of The Divine. This allows Creator to experience itself as creation and it also allows each of us to experience a more personal connection to something greater than ourselves. Especially helpful for those poor souls who have been conditioned to believe that our creator is actually a wrathful man in the clouds waiting to punish us for our sins.

Rest assured whatever you think you might have done ‘wrong’ your Guardian Angel never judges you, nor will it ever leave your side. Regardless of religion, color, politics, whether you are a good or bad person, you are never alone.

Your Guardian Angel actually has a soul contract with you; an agreement that they will watch over you from your time spent in the womb right up until after your soul has left your physical body.

Some people don’t believe in Angels because they perceive them to be fantasy. But your eyes are not the easiest way to ‘see’ angels because your physical eyes will only show you what you believe is possible.

Thankfully, many people have held blind faith and have opened their hearts to the angelic kingdom by simply believing. This has allowed a rapid awakening to occur across the planet. Every day, people wonder who are these beautiful mysterious angelic beings? And as they do more and more Angels are able to flock to our planet because the power of their hope and faith increases the positive vibration of Earth, granting more angels access.

Everyone can learn to communicate with their Guardian Angel, this is something we are all capable of, it just takes practice. If you were to learn another language you wouldn’t expect to become fluent in one day and this is how it is with your Guardian Angel. If you want to receive a sign from your Guardian Angel, this is something that you can do now by simply asking.


Take some deep breaths to center your energy and calm your thinking.

Out loud or in your mind say three times “I call upon my Guardian Angel”

(Say once) “Guardian Angel, Thank you for everything that you have done for me so far. I would love to get to know you, please leave me a sign to help me to acknowledge and understand your presence Thank you”.

Then simply let go, do not remain attached to any outcome, just wait.

Your angel sign will come to you three times to confirm it to you.

Your sign could be a feather, a flower, a coincidence, a repeated number sequence, the word Angel, etc. Don’t discount anything because it is different from somebody else. You are having your own unique angel experience.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this blog, and also what signs your Guardian Angel brought to your awareness.

If you would love to have an angel experience with me please join me on my Angel Communication Course.


Angel kisses, Claire x

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Artwork credit Pete Linforth.

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