Happy Ostara!

Tomorrow, most families in the West will be tucking into their Easter Eggs. As the consumer industry pushes heavily upon us to spend, the true spiritual meanings of our holiday celebrations are often lost on us.

I was brought up to believe that Easter marked the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday, and then his resurrection on Easter Sunday. Which is a story that I do believe happened, but not necessarily on this date.

Since scientists have suggested that it takes the spirit three days to leave the body and reach the other side. It is interesting that it took three days for Jesus to “rise from the dead”.

Although most information on the ascension of Jesus’ wife, Mary Magdalene is shrouded in lies and mystery, it is noted in the Bible that she was one who Jesus first appeared to on Easter Sunday.

Mary Magdalene is often depicted in art in a state of ecstasy. The Christian Church distorted the truth of her life by wiping as much information about her ascension and by replacing her as a prostitute. She goes on to be portrayed as a sinner and sexual deviant. She appears in later art semi naked, with suggestive poses and even nipples peaking beneath her hair.

The origin of the word ecstasy is actually “outside oneself or trance like”.

So, if Mary Magdalene was able to communicate with other dimensions and Angels when in these trance like states, then wouldn’t it seem fitting that she was actually communicating with Jesus’ spirit rather than his physical body?

The Bible goes on to say that Jesus remained on the Earth for 40 days after his resurrection. This part of the story could well be inherited by the Egyptians that believed that it took the spirit 40 days to travel across the planes to the afterlife.

This is just a thought I pondered to myself with all of the inconsistencies within historical texts.

Furthermore, is Easter Sunday really the date of Jesus resurrection at all? After-all, there is strong evidence to show that Jesus was not even born on Christmas Day.

So what is it that we do know about Easter?

The word Easter derives from the Germanic fertility Goddess Ostara.

Our ancestors celebrated this time of the year as the cross over from Winter to Spring (the cross on your hot cross buns).

There was much to celebrate at this time of year. After a long winter, the days became longer and as if by magic nature came back to life. Once again an abundance of new life surrounded us. Lambs were born, flowers began to bloom and much needed crops began to show us the beginnings of new fruits.

We are so dissociated with nature we are not in tune with her rhythms. We take for granted that we can get strawberry’s imported in winter and so forth. This is unnatural for our body and makes it harder to appreciate what we have, as it is always easily obtainable.

It is easy to see why fertility is associated with Easter when you think about the abundance of new life at this time of year. This is were the Hare / Rabbits became woven into Easter festivities. Similarly the egg symbolised new life, and also the balance in light and dark. The yolk representing the sun, the masculine and the white, the moon, the female.

Whatever your beliefs are, I wish you and your family blessings of joy and abundance this Easter / Ostara x

Below, is a manifesting ritual. I hope you enjoy it.


An Ostara Manifesting Ritual

You will need:

3 daffodils

An egg ( free range please :-)

A yellow or green candle

Felt tip pens / paints


Create sacred space by clearing your aura, or invoking the Christ light.

Place the daffodils in a vase and light the candle next to where you.

Using the pens / paint decorate the egg with words or images of what you are wishing for.

When it is dry, hold the egg up to heaven and think about your wish. Imagine it coming true and allow yourself to experience feelings excitement.

Snuff the candle out.

Each day, for the next three days relight the candle and hold the egg, once again visualising your wish.

On the third day, cook your egg and eat it.

The magical energy that you have build up will literally be ingested within your mind, body and spirit.

© Claire Stone 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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