August 1st, today is the ancient festival of Lugh the Celtic Sun God. This festival marks the time of the year where abundance and plenty are finally here, as this is the first ‘reaping of the corn’. The word Lammas means ‘loaf mass’.

All of our hard work and past efforts should be granting us with rewards now. It is time to reflect on how far this year we have come, and to count our blessings for all of the bounty we have received including what we are about to manifest.

Things to do at Lammas

Count your blessings.

Bake bread.

Give yourself a pat on the back for all of your hard work.

Give a gift to a person who may not have as much as yourself.

If you are not experiencing abundance, then it is also tradition to make a corn dolly.



Make a list of all of the blocks that you can think of that has prevented you from receiving the abundance that you deserve.

Using corn or raffia (more easily obtainable) begin to wrap up the corn so that it resembles a person / dolly (this is very simple; however, you can find YouTube videos if you want to get fancy).

Whilst wrapping focus on all of these negative blocks.

Have the intention that you are binding up poverty and lack.

Once the dolly is made, state “Scarcity is gone, my abundance now come, as sure as the rising sun, this rite is done” and throw the dolly into a fire.

Let the flames consume all of the stagnant energy that was bound to you and your finances.

Don’t forget to give thanks. The universe LOVES gratitude and remember this is just the first reaping of the year, so you have not missed out, there is plenty yet to come.

Bright harvest blessings,

Claire xxx

Claire Stone Ancient Wisdom Modern Woman.

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