Animal Spirit Guides


One of my earliest memories of connecting with my spirit animals goes back to when I was around 5 years old. I remember shrieking with delight as I saw my ‘invisible’ snake chasing me. My cousins would join in the fun whenever I announced the snake’s presence, and we would hurtle ourselves onto the couch in excitement, knowing that the snake couldn’t get us there. It was a joyous and playful experience that left a lasting impression on me.

I took a keen interest in spirituality from the age of 11. Both my parents were alcoholics and home life was hard. Mentally, I set out on my own little quest for spiritual enlightenment! I had read somewhere that through Buddhism you could attain enlightenment and thus end all suffering. Naively, it seemed like a perfect solution!

I looked everywhere for the secrets of the Universe, I scoured books and courses on, Tarot, Druidism, Shamanism, Ancient Egyptian Magick, Wicca, Buddhism, Zen, the Tao and more.

During my search, I noticed that most spiritual traditions revered animals in a sacred way. I was especially grateful for the Native American wisdom teachings that I came across. I think it’s fair to say that they have the most extensive knowledge of Spirit Animals and this really opened my mind to strengthening the connections I already had.

I came to realise that there was much more to Spirit Animals than simply having fun with them! Just like Angels and Spirit Guides, Animal Spirits serve as guides too.

While it’s ok to search Google for Spirit Animal meanings, it is much more powerful to make these discoveries yourself. Just ask the animal what it has come to teach you about yourself and they will happily oblige, after all, beings a spiritual guide is what they have signed up for!

Remember to give something back. For example, I have worked with a Polar Bear Guide since my early teens. As soon as I was old enough to open a bank account, I sponsored a Polar Bear with the WWF. I only gift £5 a month, but this small gesture is how I have said thank you for the last 23 years.


What I have learnt from my Animal Spirit Guides

  • Animal Spirit Guides each have obvious qualities and strengths, and like all beings, they also have specific weaknesses. These qualities and weaknesses provide clues as to what lessons we need to learn.


  • Everyone has several Animal Spirit Guides, some come and go.


  • Your Animal Spirit Guide will reveal information about yourself, your path and your future, you just have to take notice of them.


  • You can have a mythical creature as a Spirit Animal such as a Unicorn or Pheonix.


My long-term Guides include Snake, Raven, Wolf, Owl, Turtle, Polar Bear, Bee, Butterfly, and Orca.


Guides that have helped me when needed include Hedgehog, Hare, Blackbird, Dolphin, Hummingbird, Fox, Crow, Unicorn, and more.


If you live in the West you might like to address your Animal Guide as your Familiar. This folklore term was coined in Europe and means ‘close friend’. It refers to an animal spirit that accompanies a witch or person on their spiritual journey.

Pierre A. Riffard proposed that a familiar is a double or doppelganger of its companion. Hence why they make great aides on our self-development journey, they help us to face our shadow-side as well as unlock our greatness. If you feel uncomfortable with the word familiar that’s ok, the witch hunters that robbed us of our rich Celtic spirituality demonised this word, so just go with what Spirit Animal or whatever terms your culture uses.


How to Connect to Your Animal Spirit Guide

If an animal appears to you on several occasions then take it to mean that a Spirit Animal is reaching out to you. Perhaps this will be on t.v, in a dream, or even on social media, you need not expect squirrels to come rapping on your windows!

Archeia Ariel, the Lioness of the Goddess is the angel of Spirit Animals. Working under her energy will shield you from negative energy and help you to open up to messages of wisdom from your Familiar.

I have a meditation to meet your Spirit Animal with Ariel on my album 11 Meditations with the Female Archangels, you can download the album for half price, just £6.50 HERE.

I will write another blog soon and share some personal stories about how I met my Animal Spirit Guides so you can get a better idea about how yours can also help you.

In the meantime, why not set the intention to connect with one of your Animal Guides?

Light a candle and close your eyes, with your hands on your heart say

“Spirit animals, come into my sight,

Protect me with your wisdom, day and night,

Show me signs, be they subtle or profound,

That you are near, my guardians, all around”.


Be lucky, be blessed and do let me know what signs you get from your Animal Spirit Guides! Love Claire.


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