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Are you ready to become the best version of you yet?

Success is a culmination of taking many small steps that become positive engrained habits.

I am always seeking ways to refine myself Mentally, Physically, Spiritually and Professionally.

If you are ready to be inspired to make positive changes to your health, your thinking and to guide you to take action towards manifesting your dream life then please join me on this FREE 10 DAY Love January challenge.

To take part simply follow my social media pages for your daily dose of inspiration.

It takes 21 days to form a habit. Let’s support each other throughout January to ensure that we commit to becoming “ THE VERY BEST VERSION OF YOU”.

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My affirmation for 2019 “I am committed to becoming the best version of myself”.

I am more patient.

I spend more time with my kids.

I drink lots of water.

I am happy.

I am surrounded by love.

I am capable.

I am worthy.

I am enough.

I eat healthful foods.

Jan 1st, Be the Best Version of You Challenge!

Ok, I am the queen of making lists and NY day is no exception!

Research suggests that you’re 70% more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down.

Each Jan 1st I have made a list of what I want to achieve over the coming year. Looking back at these lists there has only ever been 1 thing that I have not yet manifest, how amazing is that !

This is my annual ritual that I will share with you now & I hope you use it because it REALLY works!

1. Buy a new journal

2. Over five pages write the following headings (each heading has its own page):
* Places I will Visit
* Personal Achievements
* Work / Career
* Relationships
* Health

3. Under “Places I will visit” write down all of the places you would like to go this coming year, make it realistic for example don’t write all of your bucket list holidays down for one year! Maybe add one bucket list dream trip and then some smaller closer to home sites you have been putting off. For example one of mine is “Watch sunrise at Stone Henge at Summer Solstice”. This is totally realistic and something that I haven’t got round to doing yet. All I need to do is plan it!

4. Under Personal Achievements write a list of what you would like to achieve this year for YOU. Mine have included “Attend Yoga every week”, what books I would like to read and a workshop I would like to attend. This is for your soul!

5. Work / Career, write about any changes you would like to see.

6. Relationships, make a list of positive changes you would like to see within your relationships, examples could be “spend more time with kids” or “have a date night” or “keep out of peoples toxic drama / gossip” etc.

7. Health, are there any improvements you could do with making ? Could you take the stairs more?, drink more water?, join the gym? What health changes have you been procrastinating about?
Now you have a list, you need a plan !!! Go through each section and figure out how and when you can make these goals possible. You want to write a book ? Well when are you going to do that ? Do you need to attend a writers workshop first ? Then find one, book on…. what baby steps can you take NOW?

Are you ready to take bite sized actions to ease yourself into becoming your best ever ?

Why not tag a buddy to cheer you on and join you on your journey to success?

2019 I am in my best in health.
2019 I am my happiest.
2019 I am my most productive.
2019 I am love.

Day 2, Best Version of You Challenge!
Congratulations on being devoted to self improvement.
Taking care of your needs is the highest gift of love that you can give to yourself.
Today’s mission is:
1. Read through yesterday’s lists.

2. Make sure that every other drink you have is water!
It is tempting to keep refilling your coffee cup to keep you going, especially if this is your first day back at work! And not to mention all of those ice cold fizzy drinks and ice teas, yet they are packed with ingredients that shock the adrenals and make the body work harder.
Ask yourself “is this drink polluting me or flushing toxins out of me?” Water doesn’t need to be boring, add a slice of lemon, or sprig of mint.
I sometimes add a fruit tea bag and ice if I fancy a sweet healthy drink.

Drinking water is not to be underestimated! You will have glowing skin, feel more energised and have improved bodily functions.

Your body is your temple in which communion with the divine takes place.
Showing respect for your temple automatically honours the divine creator / creatrix.

Day 3, Best Version of You Challenge ??

Say “Thank You!” Gratitude will attract more experiences into your life that make you happy ?

Saying “Thank You” even when your wish has not yet manifest means that you have faith in yourself and the universe, thus aligning yourself ready to receive ???.

“Thank You Angels for the healing that is on its way to me now” “Thank You Angels for blessing this day with happiness” “Thank You Angels for divinely guiding my work”

Please share, what are you most grateful for today ?

Today’s task,

1. Read day 1 list.

2. Drink water, every other drink ( or all ! ).

3. Write in your journal a list of 10 things you are grateful for.

Day 4, Best Version of You Challenge!

Hopefully the Christmas treats are all eaten now and rather than take bad eating habits into January let’s look at having a treat swap!

There is no need to starve yourself, those really harsh diets are so hard to maintain, but if you make small changes you can make healthy snacking habits of a life time.

The key to success is to be prepared !

Here’s a small list of ideas of healthy treats that can replace those afternoon biscuits !

A few chunks of dark chocolate (over 70% dark).

A handful of almonds or walnuts.

Peanut butter and banana on rice cakes.

Carrots and hummus dip.


A hard boiled egg ( if you eat ).

A piece of fruit.

A green juice.

Low carb yogurt.

Overnight oats.

Smashed Avocado & peppers on rice cake.

Half a pepper stuffed with cottage cheese.

Add any ideas below ?

Your challenge today now looks like this !

1. Read day 1 list of goals.

2. Drink water.

3. Revisit your gratitude list, feeling grateful as you read through it.

4. Make a plan of healthy treat swaps you can switch to.

Day 5….Clear out clutter !!!! Hanging on to items “just in case” you need them causes blocks in your abundance. Why? It sends a message to the universe that you are fearful of not having enough.

Sort one thing at a time, such as your wardrobe, drawers, or your garage.
Donate or sell what you can’t use.

Be ruthless ! Have you worn that dress in the last few years? If not it’s unlikely you ever will.

Getting rid of the old makes way for the new.

Research suggests that clutter can cause anxiety.

Feng shui teaches that clutter stagnates KI energy.

If you’ve got a pile of junk in your romance corner, it could well affect your relationships.
Likewise for health, finances, friends and so forth.

Today’s task! Repeat days 1-4 and when you get a moment get clearing !

Be the best version of you day 6 challenge ?

Use Affirmations!

Observe your self talk. Your thoughts are creating your feelings and combined they create your reality.

Are you affirming positive or negative outcomes ?

I am so happy and grateful for my life

I have perfect health

I can do it

All my needs are provided for

Love surrounds me

What’s your affirmation for today ? Xx

Day 7.. Be the best version of You Challenge !

Move yo body ?‍♀️???‍♀️? The kids are back to school today and it’s been back to the gym for me!

This sets me up for the day leaving me feeling energised all day long.

You don’t have to go to the gym to take part in the challenge, you simply need to move your body more!

Get creative, in half term I will do 30 squats while the kettle boils, always take the stairs !, do bursts of star jumps when the adverts come on tv at night, walk to she shop, run up the stairs, get creative if you can’t attend a class ?‍♀️

You have definitely been waiting for this one, yes? ?

Day 8, Best Version of You Challenge!

Treat Yourself !!!

If you have been working hard towards any goal, you definitely need to show yourself some appreciation and have a treat.

You deserve it and you will enjoy it all the more when you look at your treat as a reward rather than a guilty pleasure!

By treat I mean along the lines of:

A massage.
A cheat meal.
A new item of clothing.
A luxury item.
A hot soak with essential oils.
A hair cut / beauty treatment.

What would you love to indulge in once a week for treat day ???

Remember to start at day 1 ?? making healthy habits a lifestyle rather than NY blast & burn out x

Day 9 be the best version of you challenge!

Be Kind!

Random acts of kindness open your heart to receiving more love and send a blessing to those who have been touched by your light.

Help an elderly person carry their shopping, gift unwanted items to someone who would appreciate it, leave a £1 in a vendor for a free coffee, give your time away to a charitable cause, smile at strangers.

Being kind fulfils your soul ??? Let me know in the comments, what random acts of kindness have you indulged in today ?

I am kind

I spread my light and love into the world

Congratulations we did ????‍♀️

Day 10 Best Version of You Challenge!!! Believe in Yourself!!!

You can do anything that you believe you are capable of.

Maybe it’s time to move the goal posts and expect a little more from yourself.

Be your own number 1 fan ?

Repeat “I can do this!” Starting from day 1, implement each small challenge into the day.

Making good habits of a life time ???

Did you participate ?

What did you enjoy the most ?

What did you resist the most ?

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