Elder Moon – November Full Moon Ritual


Under the light of the full moon glow

My hopes and wishes I now sow

Good intentions come to light

By the power of the moon upon this night


Before you get started with this powerful full moon ritual for the month of November, be sure to click HERE to learn more about the magickal powers of the Elder.

This month’s full moon is all about decay and rejuvenation. It is a time to process what we have lost, what is outworn and how we can restore balance in our lives. It is a time of wisdom and acknowledging what we have sacrificed to become the person we are today.

This moon is named after the Elder tree because from 25th November through to 22nd December we are in the month of Elder in the Celtic tree calendar.

There are many names for this full moon depending upon your culture, including the Frost moon, Beaver moon, Mourning moon to name a few. As I am half Irish and massively interested in druidry and herbalism, I am choosing to call this the Elder moon. You can choose whatever you like.

The incoming energies make this the perfect timing to make peace with your past, out with the old and in with the new.


Renewal and Rebirth Ritual


You will need

  • A sprig of Elderberry (or Elderflower if this is your summer time) – Please ask permission and give thanks to the tree – you could leave an offering by feeding the birds or picking up some litter.


  • A glass bowl


  • Spring water


  • A black scarf, cloth or other material



On the night before the moon is full, forage for a handful of elderberries-be sure to plan ahead and locate where they are growing.

When you are home, wrap the berries in the black cloth (symbolic for the womb) and think about what you are releasing. Leave the package outside overnight.

The following night, (the night of the full moon), fill your bowl with spring water and take it outside next to your wrapped berries.

Hold them to your heart while this time think about what you desire.

Open the package and allow the berries to gently fall into the water to be reborn.

With your hands over the water say the following three times, ending with ‘so be it’.


Under the light of the full moon glow

My hopes and wishes I now sow

Good intentions come to light

By the power of the moon upon this night


Look up at the moon and imagine her silvery light filling the bowl. Dip your fingers into the water and safely anoint your eyelids with the water. This will ensure that you now see your life unfolding in the way you want to and with a positive new mindset.

If you wish, you can use blessed water to cleanse your aura and/or your threshold by dipping the sprig of berries in and out of the water dripping or flicking the water where required. Leave the berries by the altar when you are finished. As they decay it will remind you that you are healing and releasing too. Eventually take them out in nature to decompose fully.






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