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Manifesting with Tarot Magick




Workshop Details

Want to learn how to get so much more out of your tarot cards? Come and join me at London Olympia at the Mind Body Spirit Festival on Sunday 28th May at 3.45 pm – 5.15pm

Allow me to show you how to supercharge your rituals and amplify your intentions with the power of Tarot!

The best part is, you don’t even need to know how to use Tarot cards or understand what they mean!

I will totally guide you on this incredible journey so that you can discover how easy it is to tap into the magickal aspect of Tarot to manifest wishes, heal your life and become the best version of yourself.


In this workshop, you will:

Learn new ways to use the power of Tarot.


Discover how Claire developed this system.


Experience invoking the elements with Tarot.


Enjoy a guided meditation journey to meet your Tarot Guide.


Take part in a manifesting ritual.

Presenter Bio

Angel Intuitive, Claire Stone is a Hay House bestselling author and founder of the award-winning academy, The Angel Mystery School. Former Holistic Healer, Master Herbalist, and Aromatherapist with a 2nd Dan in Aikido, and 1st Dan in Mushindo. With over 25 years of experience dedicated to practising The Art of peace.

If you own a deck of Tarot cards please bring them!

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