Happy Sturgeon Full Moon! Today (Aug 26th) the moon shines full in the astrological sign of Pisces. What does it mean?, what does it mean?  Well, it means that finally after all of the emotional debris from the whirlwind succession of recent eclipses that the dust should now be settling nicely, making this watery period the perfect time to wash away the residue.

It seems perfect timing that this morning the heavens have opened and it is raining heavily here in the UK.

Water is the all clearing element of the emotions, the psyche, the psychic senses and the subconscious mind.

This moon is named the Sturgeon moon after the Sturgeon fish species. This time of year fishermen would catch these fish in plenty, so this also marks a lucky period of getting something that you want.

Make the most of this full moon by:

Making a bottle of moonshine water – Place a bottle of water outside on the night of the full moon to capture moonbeams. Drink before a meditation to enhance psychic visions.

To lucid dream – Drink a cup of Mugwort tea before bed and set the intention of having a dream by saying three times “I will remember my dream”.

Cleanse – Place all of your crystals in a big bowl of water outside under the moonlight (unless they damage in water – Selenite, Coral, etc double check). If you are near a small spring or waterfall, even better. When I am at Chalice Well in Glastonbury I often leave all of my stones under the lions head overnight.

Cleanse your aura – Have a bath filled to the top, add half a cup of salt and a few sprigs of Rosemary.

Ask the Oracle – Pull yourself a few cards tonight under candle light.

Wishing you all a wonderful bank holiday weekend and make the most of this moon, you never know you might just have a ‘lucky catch’.

Moonbeams, Claire xxx

Claire Stone Ancient Wisdom Modern Woman

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