Hekate’s Night

16th November


Hekate, queen of witches! Is celebrated from sunset on 16th November until sunset the following day. She is an ancient Greek Goddess, queen of the night, the moon, hounds, the underworld and magick.
Like Samhain, Hekate’s Night is as a time when the veil between the mundane and the supernatural is thin. This is a time for introspection, divination, and embracing the transformative power of the crossroads.
This is a modern celebration mind, there is no evidence that Nov 16th was dedicated to her in ancient Greece. She was however revered in general as a guardian of transitions, guiding souls through the crossroads of life. Her triple-face represents the past, present, and future, making her a potent symbol of wisdom and insight.
On this night, devotees will gather at crossroads, leaving offerings and seeking the Goddess’s guidance.
You can celebrate her too!
Here are some simple ways to honour this Goddess:
Create an altar adorned with symbols of Hekate, such as keys, torches, and lunar imagery.
Light candles to illuminate the darkness, and offer herbs like mugwort or lavender to enhance your connection with the spirit realm.
Engage in divination, whether through tarot, scrying, or dreamwork, to seek Hekate’s guidance and unveil hidden truths.
Mini Ritual: To remove blockages or problems from your life.
When you go to bed tonight, place 2 keys under your bed. Ensure they are crossed like in the image.
Light a candle and say.
‘Hekate, Hekate, Queen of the Night,
I invoke your presence, bathed in lunar light.
With torch in hand, illuminate the dark,
Guide me through realms, leave your mystic mark.
So be it’
Imagine moonlight streaming down into the top of your head filling your body. Allow yourself to relax and let your thoughts drift as you bask in the light and meditate for a while.
Blow out your candle and prepare to meet Hekate and your loved ones in your dreams.
When you wake in the morning be sure to write in your journal any dreams you may remember.
Take the keys one by one saying
“As I lift this key, I remove the blocks, with the strength of Hekate new doors unlock. so be it”.
Go outside your front door and lock it with the key. Reopen it and re-enter. This is symbolic for driving out the old and allowing the new to enter.
This is also a fantastic time to wash your doorstep/threshold. I like to use a mix of spring water  and a few drops of cypress essential oil.
Feel optimistic that whatever has been holding you back has now been released.
Have fun my witchy woo-woo crew.
Love Claire xxxxx

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