Crystals have been revered for their healing and mystical properties for centuries. I have personally been working with the crystal kingdom since I was about 14 years old, and I trained to work with them professionally in 2002 under VTCT.

Despite ‘professional training’ I find like with most things you cant beat learning from the crystals themselves. Crystals are a form of consciousness and have the ability to communicate with those who wish to hear their wisdom.

You can communicate with crystals through meditation. This is because they will communicate with you telepathically, often though the third eye or heart chakra.

Test your psychic skills

On my workshops I teach people to communicate with the crystals themselves rather than pick up a book or google the meanings. We all have this ability we just need to practice.

One of the psychic games I teach my students is to pick up a random stone (without looking of course!), and guess which one they are holding. I use a set of about 7 tumbled various stones similar in shape and size for this exercise. Not only does this sharpen your intuition but also gets you familiar with feeling different energies. For instance, you may feel very relaxed and warm when holding a Rose Quartz crystal. Alternatively you may feel a surge of energy and alertness course though you as you handle a Red Jasper stone.

I advise all of my students to write everything down that they pick up no matter how seemingly insignificant the information may seem at the time. It will probably prove as useful in future.

Sharpen you third eye

Crystals can be used to help clear the third eye chakra. A simple yet effective exercise is to place an amethyst crystal onto your forehead and use its powerful clearing abilities to wipe away blocked energy from this chakra centre.


Imagine the amethyst crystal begin to glow.

A violet light emerges from within the stone and begins to light up your third eye chakra.

You notice a removable lens that covers the third eye and imagine pulling it out.

As you inspect it, you notice that it is heavily smeared and has a greasy look.

Imagine taking a white cloth an wiping away the grease until the lens is crystal clear and sparkly.

Place it back into your third eye and allow the violet light to fill up this chakra centre even further.

When you have finished imagine the light closing down again, you only want your third eye chakra open when you are working or you may become ungrounded.

Thank the crystal for its assistance.

If you like angels, then you can call upon Lady Amethyst and Archangel Zadkiel to protect and support you during this process.

Psychic Readings


To enhance your psychic abilities during a reading you could hold a Clear Quartz crystal in your left hand to aid concentration.

For astral experiences try mediation with double terminated Hermika Diamonds between your finger tips.

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