What you can do when you have a Negative Psychic Reading

Are you too scared to have a psychic reading in case the medium foretells that something bad is going to happen?

Or even worse, have you had a psychic reading and been told bad news?

Hi, my name is Claire Stone and I had my first encounter with a Tarot card reading when I was 11 years old. Psychic readings are my passion and make up a large area of my work, so as you can imagine there isn’t much that I haven’t seen with all of these years of practising.

Sadly, more and more people are coming to me in a state of distress due to fortunetellers/clairvoyants/tarot readers delivering them with frightening predictions.

Let me just wade right in there with my truth; if someone predicts that bad news is on its way to you without offering a solution as to how you can soften the blow or avoid it from happening altogether then they are working for the forces of darkness.

Think about it for a moment. Psychic readings are supposed to offer comfort and insight to assist you in making good choices in your life path. Not put dread and worry into you.

If you had a psychic reading and you were told “your husband is going to run off with another woman” or “your going to get cancer in 18 months” what can that achieve other than planting seeds of fear and doubt into your mind?

Don’t get me wrong, I do deliver bad news if there is something that can be done to prevent it from occurring. You see tarot readings always give you the heads up on the future so therefore you have the power to change your destiny and create your own future (in most circumstances).

Tarot cards reveal the energy that surrounds the querent in that moment of time.

If a psychic reader can see that is possible for you to avoid an unwanted circumstance from arising then yes it may be appropriate to give negative information across in a constructive way, for example, “you and your husband have drifted apart recently, its really important to spend some quality time together” or “have you thought about marriage counselling?”.

How psychics deliver information is either healing (which is best for the querent) or causing suffering ( best for the ego / the dark forces by proving that the reader can give a ‘spot on’ reading, regardless of how it makes the querent feel).

I have experienced this myself, I went to visit a local medium (who has got a very good reputation I must add) just after I had given birth to my second daughter. Lexi was so young that she was carried in by her portable car seat. The woman (psychic reader) informed me that she was clairvoyant and asked me to shuffle the deck and hand her 10 of the tarot cards. I did as she asked and she proceeded to give me the following ‘reading’. Apparently, I was going to have an affair in the next 12 months and my marriage wouldn’t last 18 months. If that wasn’t bad enough she claimed that my Dad would pass away in September (this was March 2012). Now, imagine a woman who has come in with her new baby (me) and is handed that awful news. That dreadful ‘reading’ could have been enough to push anyone over the edge!

Luckily I took it with a pinch of salt. I didn’t believe the reader in my heart, but in my head, I did worry about my Dad, especially with him being an alcoholic as I often worried about him anyway.

6 years later, my Dad is fine and I will be celebrating my 17th year wedding anniversary on the 3rd of June. So that leaves with the question, what the hell was that reading? Personally, I believe that the reader was overshadowed by a dark spirit with the intent of snuffing out my light. Regardless she was full of tripe.

If this has happened to you, FORGET WHAT THEY SAID! They are probably wrong anyway.

If you can perceive potential as to how the bad news could manifest then start to think about how you can fix it.

Don’t let other people have power over you with their words.

Words can be used to heal or destroy and once spoken, energetic sparks of creation ignite bringing to life a manifestation.

Try not to give your energy away by worrying, instead ask for protection and guidance from your Guides, Archangel Michael or any other light beings you believe in and trust.

Only focus on how you want things to be, life working for you, not against you. Otherwise, you can use the law of attraction to actually manifest these events into your reality, providing there is enough emotion and visualisation involved.

If the damage has already been done and you are waiting for ‘something’ to happen there are things that you can do to regain control over your angst.

This blog is not written to frighten you out of booking a psychic reading, quite the opposite. Why would I want to shun my own profession?

I am writing this for those people who have been victims to un-compassionate psychic readers, to restore their faith and to let them know for sure they are in control of their future and no one else.

I do believe that readings can help people in times of difficulty tremendously. Do not fear having a psychic reading, just do your homework first, and check that the psychic is coming from a place of integrity and has good morals and ethics.

If you would like to perform a small ritual to release negative energy from an unpleasant or even scary psychic reading then this is what I would do:

Take a black candle and inscribe the negative word BACKWARDS using a pin or toothpick.

You don’t need to write the entire sentence, if the reader said you would lose your home and all of your money, then just inscribe yenom esol (lose money backwards).

Burn sage smoke around the candle anti-clockwise to send out the bad vibes.

Invoke a high vibrational being of light such as Archangel Michael, Jesus or a Goddess and ask them to dissolve all of the words cast upon you.

Holding the candle repeat three times:

“Words cast of ill intent be removed from me and to the light be sent, May I be uplifted in heart and mind, may happiness, health and love I find”.

Finish with either “Amen” or “So be it” to seal the spell.

Light the candle and allow it to burn out (in a safe place please! Do not leave candles unattended or with children).

I would love to hear in the comments below if you have been affected by a psychic reading.

In light and love, Claire x

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