Abundance Spell


An abundance spell can help you to attract more wealth into your life. If you are not a spellcaster, don’t worry, I can do this for you. I have been practising various forms of Witchcraft and manifestation techniques since around 1998, hence gaining my nickname The White Witch of Cheshire.


If you would like your name read out and placed under a spell candle at my upcoming Full Moon Abundance Spell the simply book your ticket and I will perform this for you. You don’t need to do anything at all but I will email you a blank cheque (for fun) so that you can print it off and write down the specific amount of money that you require.


Bonus Gift

If you want to feel a bit more involved in this ritual then I would recommend you listen to the wealth mind programming meditation that I will also include for free. It only takes 5 mins a day and can really help you to attract cash and keep hold of it!

Please check your spam folder for your confirmation email and your meditation and cheque are attached. Please check the internet for the date of the full moon in your time zone to know exactly when this spell will be cast – it will take place at 8pm BST. The above package is currently on offer at £19.99 – usually £39.99. If you want something more please see the Gold Package below.



A bespoke ritual can be performed for you for £250 and includes the ritual, a 30-min abundance mindset coaching where I will use Tarot to discover your subconscious money blocks (on Zoom), and a taglock or charm posted to you if required.



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