The Female Archangels Book


Reclaim Your Power with the Lost Teachings of the Divine Feminine

Why are we only taught about male archangels, and why has no one ever questioned this phenomenon?

Claire Stone has communicated directly with angels since she was a child and therefore knows that the Archeiai, the female archangels, are really twin flames to the male archangels. The collective suppression of the divine feminine has led humanity to believe that there were no female angels of any kind, but as we start to re-awaken to the wisdom of the Mother Goddess, the veils are lifted, allowing us to reclaim our lost spiritual heritage.

Claire explains how to work with the 11 Archeia on a deeper level using affirmations, invocations, and rituals. For each situation in life, there is an Archeia you can call upon – e.g., when you wish to manifest a romantic relationship, invoke Charity to guide you on the path of love. The exercises will help you develop your psychic abilities, discover your life’s purpose, connect with heaven and earth, clear your womb space from past sexual partners, banish negative energy, create a love altar, and much more.

This audiobook does not replace the male archangels, but rather complements them, maintaining a healthy balance between masculine and feminine. The Archeia are emerging right now and reaching out to all beings on earth to empower, comfort and support us through our earthly journey.

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