New Year full moon 2018 online event

Part 1 – Shamanic Drumming and Soul enquiries

To listen to the drumming and watch the whole video that this information sheet accompanies go to;

I’m going to do some short drumming for you now just to get you really relaxed ready, for your soul enquiries.

So get yourself in a really relaxed place, if you want, light a few candles or some incense, sage yourself down. I’m going to have some good vibes spray on.

Have your journal and pen to hand and just enjoy.

Take a nice deep breath in ,hold it, and breathe out through your mouth.

Breathing in through your nose…

Taking as deep a breath as you can, and hold it in.

Breathing out through the mouth.. just feel the weight of your body starting to relax now.

Totally letting go and sinking deep into relaxation and comfort, wherever you may be sitting or lying.

Call in your ancestors guides and angels. Ask them to surround you in a brilliant pure white light.

Connecting your energies to heaven and earth.

Calling upon the wolf!

Click here to go to the drumming video.

Feel your body totally aligned in releasing everything that you want to let go off everything that you leaving behind in 2017.Imagine it draining out through your feet and roots going deep into mother earth, she’ll recycle it.

Imagine in your mind’s eye everything that you want to bring in to 2018.Happiness,Health Wealth,Joy.

Imagine it all now like it’s written down in golden letters in front of you, in a golden sphere of light.

Held by your guardian angels, your spirit guides, and everyone who walks beside you supporting you, and cheering you on and wanting you to succeed, and become everything that you’re capable of becoming.

Start breathing in the letters and that golden light energy.

Imagine it coming in through your nose and filling all the insides of your body. Touching every single cell with the word of what it is you want to bring in so you were bringing the word peace, imagine the word peace just land in on the insides of your body totally becoming that what you would like to be.

Imagine between the palm of your hands, a crystal ball. In the crystal ball you can see, like you’re watching on TV, yourself. How you are going to look and feel this time next year because you know you’ve gone within and done the work. What needs to be done and transformed.

You’ve let go of the past and stepped into your light and into your truth in your constant state of evolution. See how well healthy you look, your skin is glowing and you’re smiling and you feel so content.

You might imagine yourself in your perfect job, perfect house or surrounded by loved ones, got a really good picture in this crystal ball of how you wish yourself and your life to look this time next year.

And make a promise to yourself to do the work and stay committed because you truly deserve it and it’s an act of self-love, committing to these things.

Raise the ball up, turning it to the heavens, a beautiful angel takes out of your hands and takes it out into the universe.

It’s like a beautiful star in a night sky, shining down on you. Your wish is there it’s been planted in the invisible realms and if you stay focused on it this year you’ll pull it through from the invisible into the physical form

Take a nice deep breath in, thank your angels and guides, just wiggle your fingers and toes, and when you ready come back here, open your eyes and wake up.

I’m going to ask you a series of questions, some enquiries. I want you to write it on a blank piece of paper.

Question 1.

What changes could I make to really honor myself in mind body and spirit. It could be choosing to eat organic food next year, or going to the gym next year, or being able to say no to people next year.

Question 2.

What brings me happiness and joy?

Question 3.

How can I incorporate more of what brings me happiness and joy in my life?

Question 3

what limited beliefs am I ready to work on and leave behind ?

Make an affirmation based on what limited thinking you’re ready to leave behind

E.g. I worried about finances.

Affirmation “all my needs are provided for, I trust I have plenty.”

Make up your own affirmation, based on your own limited thinking and write it down now.

Question 4

If there was no limits to money, education or mobility what would you do and where would you go in 2018 so there’s no limit there’s no excuse if I can’t afford it or have not got the qualification there’s no limit whatsoever, what would you do if you could do anything?

Question 5

what prevents me from going for it?

Question 6

what advice does your soul give you about this? Just write, it’ll come through.

Take your time to answer them really well, go within, you could listen to the drumming again and then go through the questions again to get deeper deeper clarity. You have set your intentions and planted the seed now

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