Solar Eclipse Ritual

A Solar Eclipse is a powerful and transformative event that can bring about positive change in your life. Use this time to connect with your inner self, set your intentions, and embrace the universe’s magic.


Here are 3 things you can do to benefit from the energies of the Solar Eclipse.


1. Work with fire and water. Place floating candles in a bowl of water and gaze into the flame, allowing your mind to dream and wander, bringing important insights from your subconscious.

2. Try Pranayama breathing (catch a video by an expert on YouTube).

3. List all the things you are letting go of and what you are calling in.


At the time of the eclipse read out the list of what you are releasing and say


“By the power of water, this holy night distinguish these items from my life” (read your list).


Take three deep breaths, then read out the list of what you want to attract after saying


“By the power of fire on this holy night, ignite my dreams, bring these wishes to life (read your manifesting list) so be it!”

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