The 8.8 Lions Gate Portal


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The 8.8 Lions Gate Portal is a celestial affair between Earth and Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Each year, on and around the 8th day of the 8th month (Aug 8th)  Sirius appears to come much closer to Earth, with the added phenomenon of Orions Belt aligning directly with the pyramids of Giza.

This magical occurrence also coincided with the flooding of the river Nile; marking this an auspicious time of fertility and abundance by the ancients. In fact, this time of year was regarded so important that it was deemed the start of the New Year. 

This year, the 8.8 Lions Gate Portal lasted approx 17 day period (1+7=8) starting at the end of July (26th), ending early August (12th).

During this period the Dog Star Sirius beams high vibrational ascension energies towards our planet, with an additional influx of cosmic energies on the 8th.

Why Lions gate?

Our sun is ruled under the constellation of Leo on the big day – the 8th Aug – hence the name Lions Gate.

In ancient Egypt, having two lions facing opposing directions symbolised saying goodbye to one phase of life and the welcoming in the next. It is theorised by archaeologists that the Great sphinx originally bore a different head – with its feline looking paws and elegant poise wouldn’t it make sense that it was originally built with the head of a lion? Furthermore, it is also speculated by some that there was a second sphinx, facing in the opposite direction. These debates are based on ancient wall texts, where in many incidences there are two sphinxes present.

The Egyptian Lion God Aker was seen as the protector of the transition of night and day, his protection ensured a safe journey back from the dreamworld and guarded the bodies of the sleeping from the shadows and spirits of the night. Aker was often referred to as Ruti – meaning two lions, like the sphinxes, each facing opposite directions.


Known as our Spiritual Sun, the beings and frequencies of this star are ready to help you to attain your own Christed heart.


Leo, the constellation of the might lion empowers us with courage, grace, and bravery to walk our path with conviction and truth. The lion protects the most precious gateway of all; the gateway of the heart.


The number of infinity, eternal love and abundance.

The Archangel of the Lions Gate

Of course, Archangel Ariel, The Lioness of God/dess is the angel that oversees the integration of the lion’s Gate frequencies upon Earth. Call upon her to help you to realise your potential, to cast aside fears that stand between you and your higher destiny. The Lion Gate brings us a golden opportunity for accelerated growth, higher understanding, healing and a fast-track period of spiritual growth.

Call upon Ariel to ensure that you maximize upon the potential of this extra special time. 

Archangel Ariel - Claire Stone

What can you expect during the 88 Lions Gate opening?

The Lions Gate is a marker of the end of a cycle, but it is a cycle within itself. The start of the opening can often bring uncomfortable issues to the surface – this is to help you to release anything that you don’t need to take into the new cycle. Relationships may crumble, you may be forced to rest or make healthy changes with symptoms or reactions to junk food, your soul loudly says “no more”. The start of the Lions Gate awakening is the time of reflection and reassessment. During the peak on the 8th you may range from feeling absolutely brimming with energy to feel floored with exhaustion – it’s hard work breaking up old DNA, and programming – you are essentially becoming a new human. 

As the days wilt off from the 8th onwards you should gradually feel a sense of newness, even if you don’t have what you want in the palm of your hands you will have ideas, inspiration and knowledge to carry you through to the phase of attainment. 

Reflect upon what arose for you during the last few weeks, this is important information that can help you to establish what you have completed and what still needs more work.

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