The Big Illusion of Mercury Retrograde

By Claire Stone

As we approach the run-up to the next Mercury retrograde (5th March 2019), you will probably find your social media feeds flooded with quirky survival memes and tips on how to best navigate through this perilous phase, which is well known for wreaking havoc on technology and interrupting your plans and so forth.

Astro speaking, Mercury will enter retro approximately 3- 4 times a year. In which time, that planet will APPEAR to travel back on itself (go backward). The Big illusion is, Mercury does not change it’s course, all planets cycle around the Sun in the same direction. The optical illusion is based on the fact that the planets do not travel at the same speed, with Mercury being the fasted of all.

The planet of communication’s name derives from the Roman deity Mercury ‘Messenger of the Gods’.

What occurs on the macrocosm always transpires on the microcosm, (as above, so below). So then, what is happening here on Earth when Mercury plays his visual trick on us?

In many ways, this phenomenon ‘feels’ very similar to some of the more strongly influential moon phases, such as eclipses and super-moons. They are both times of illusion and heightened psychic awareness. Unanticipated bumps in the road tend to appear during this period, however, it is not down to random bad luck influenced by Mercury. It is rather a spiritual sweep clean of the unconscious.

Mercury retrograde is part of a cycle that allows us to re-evaluate our situations, sometimes by slowing us down by force. Our computers do crash, our trains do get delayed, the question is why? And more importantly what is this showing us? I believe that this is a time of going with the flow and going within. When the external world seems unreliable, how are you being unreliable to yourself? Have you deviated from your healthy eating regime? Have you been having one too many glasses of wine each evening? The universe is always reflecting what is within us, within you personally. So when my computer did crash, I knew that I had been on it far too much recently, I had been pushing too hard creating an imbalance of work, rest and play.

This period is also notorious for drawing people from your past, are there unresolved issues?

Mercury Retrograde is not a time to be feared, it is a time to go within and take advantage by coming back to your center.


Dedicate extra time for meditation.

Do shadow work, what is triggering you?

Have salt baths to destress.

Declutter your home.

Perform banishing rituals.

Give up bad habits.

Start diets & healthy regimes all over.

Leave time before reacting, miscommunication at this time is heightened. You may not have all the facts or maybe taking in information in an unintended way.

It will all be over by 28th March so make the most of this healing period.

Additionally, you can call upon the angelic kingdom to assist you with a particular situation:

Relationship Harmony – Archangel Chamuel & Lady Charity.

Clear Communication – Archangel Gabriel & Lady Hope.

Technology problems – Archangel Raphael. 

Cutting Cords – Archangel Michael & Lady Faith.

Gaining Clarity- Lady Aurora & Archangel Uriel.

Shadow Work – Holy Amethyst & Archangel Zadkiel.

Positive Thinking – Archangel Jophiel & Lady Christine.

Health & Healing – Raphael.

Inner Child Work- Mary Queen of Angels.

How had Mercury retro affected you? Please share in the comments, blessed be, Claire.

Image: Big thanks to SKEEZE.
Claire Stone Psychic. Sisterhood of the Rose. Angels. 

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