Reclaim Your Power with the Lost Teachings of the Divine Feminine


Reawaken to divine feminine wisdom through the female Archangels and discover how to connect and work with their energy for healing, love, joy and balance.

The archangels have long been known as our strong, masculine guardians; protecting us, directing us, defending us. And now, with the rise in the Divine feminine, our angelic connections have expanded to fit the need.

In this book, Claire Stone introduces you to 11 female archangels who are stepping forwards to help us. Each offers simple yet effective ways of aligning your life through self-discovery, practices and meditations, all designed to help you to unlock your intuition.

Learn how to communicate with the female archangels and allow them to help you:

  • transcend temptation and release any judgement
  • mend broken bonds and guide you through shadow work
  • speak your truth and heighten your creativity
  • honour the divinity within you and develop your light body

These angelic teachers have arrived because you are now ready to uncover their lost teachings. All you need to do is ask for their help.

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