I created this full moon releasing ritual specifically for the August Dispute full moon, however, you can use it any time you feel the need to rid yourself of something from your life. This could be a self-sabotaging mindset, a difficult person, or absolutely anything!

Read through the steps first and then come back and perform the ritual when you have sourced the following items. 


You will need – 

– A pair of scissors.

– 2 small black candles (if you only have white rub activated charcoal or soil onto them to stain them) with holders or a fireproof dish

– 20 cm of red cotton, string or ribbon

– Salt


Method –

Place 2 black candles in holders side by side.

Using a piece of red wool or cotton loosely tie the candles together.

Place a ring of salt around the candles.

The candle on the left represents the past and the candle on the right represents your future.

The red cotton represents the conflict.

Invoke Archangel Michael to protect you and consecrate your space, you could say:


Under your wings, I stand
Protected by God’s first hand
In every direction shield me

In your light and love please seal me 



Visualise yourself in a golden orb of light.

Now focus on the issue at hand while gently pressing your index fingers onto the left candle. Send all of the unwanted emotion down from your brain, through your arms and out through your fingertips.

Inhale deeply.

Exhale deeply.

Shake your body.

Now place your index fingers onto the candle on your right-hand side.

Think of the new chapter of your life. How would you like that to look?

Tap into your emotions and how good this vision makes you feel.

Send a stream of love and gratitude from your heart, down your arms and out through your fingertips into the candle.

Inhale deeply.

Exhale deeply.

Take a pair of scissors and say:


“With the power of the moon, I will have my way,

clear my space, take stress away,

with the cut of this thread the past is released,

my future is bright, love and wealth are increased.” 


Cut through the ribbon or thread.

Now, Imagine Archangel Michael using his sword to cut through the energetic blueprint of the dispute.

Light the candles left to right and declare “It is done!” (Remove the ribbon to ensure it doesn’t set alight).

Thank Archangel Michael and close down your orb of light.

Allow the candles to burn down.

Throw the left candle remains, the salt and ribbon directly into the rubbish bin.

If there are any candle remains from the right candle, place them into your flower bed. Take care to recycle any containers and always be safe with fire. Never leave candles unattended or in the reach of children.


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