July Full Moon Ritual - The Claiming Moon

In the British Isles, the ancient Druid Celts named the July full moon the Claiming Moon. Other traditions may use the name Thunder Moon or Buck Moon, depending on your heritage.
Below is a powerful activity to make enchanted magickal water during your July Celtic full moon celebrations.
May this moon bring you blessings, luck and love, Claire.

Making Magickal Moon Water - July Full Moon Ritual - The Claiming Moon

The Claiming Moon of July is a perfect time to enchant your water with the intention of reclaiming something that is rightfully yours or to help you to manifest something that you are struggling to birth.
Of course, it is almost always a subconscious belief that keeps us from receiving our wishes. Water and the moon by nature are connected to the subconscious, making them powerful allies.
You will need the following items to take part in this simple yet powerful ritual.
  • A bowl of spring water (use a clear Pyrex bowl, a crystal or a magickal bowl). Ensure your water is spring water or from a holy place if you can get it.

  • Incense, good choices include Cinnamon, Vanilla, Holy Basil or Lavender.

  • Crystal Choices, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Blue Kyanite.

  • A clear intention of what you are claiming, written on a white piece of paper.

  • A journal and pen.

On the night of the July full moon, take the items from the list outside and place them on the ground.

Ask Archangel Michael (or your own choice) for protection by saying the following angel prayer.

"Archangel Michael,

Under your wings I stand

Protected by the Creator's hand

In every direction shield me

In your light and love please seal me"

Sense or intend his blue light being wrapped around you.

Take some deep breaths to relax and centre your energy.

Look up at the moon (or sky) and be aware of her presence. Imagine a white beam of light cascading down towards your brow chakra, this will help you to connect to your inner wisdom (higher self).

Light the incense and pass the smoke through your aura and waft it over your items with the intention of infusing their magickal qualities into the items.

Hold the bowl of water and visualise the white moonlight travelling down from your brow chakra, through your heart, down your arms and into the bowl.

Fold the written intention and pop it on the ground, gently placing the bowl of water on top.

Intuitively, arrange your crystals around the bowl, popping the clear quartz into the water.

With your hands over the water say the following.

"Under the light of the full moon glow

Witness the seeds that I sow

Good intentions come to light

By the power of the moon upon this night

Thank you, thank you thank you!"

Close your brow chakra in your mind.

Rub your hands and feet together.

Leave the bowl outside for at least 3 hours.

Pour the water into a bottle and keep it on your altar.

Use the magickal moon-charged water to anoint your crystals and other magickal tools.

Each day for 30 days, dab your brown chakra each morning with the enchanted water, say.

"Magickal water clear my inner eye

With this anointment, I remember my why

The power to create lies within me

I have total faith in my dreams

What I want is on its way to me

Thank you, thank you, thank you."

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