13 11, 2020

Manifesting With Sigil Magic


Manifesting With Sigil Magic   Sigils are magical symbols created with the intent of manifesting or embodying a desire. During this 2 hour event, you will: Learn about Sigils. Create sigils to experience the power of the elements in your physical body. Create a special sigil for your personal wish. You will also experience an angelic invocation of the four directions

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31 12, 2019

Manifesting Tarot Spread Ritual


Manifesting Tarot Spread Ritual Download or print this fab Tarot spread PDF that I created to help you to manifest your dreams for 2020! Watch the video for even more tips and guidance or simply use the spread. Download here: New Year Tarot Manifesting Spread (1) Happy new year!         Have you subscribed

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18 04, 2019

Easter Full Moon Ritual 2019, with Claire Stone.


Happy Easter beautiful souls! As we approach Easter this weekend, we also have the Full Pink Moon in Libra (Fri 19th) which is really increasing the intensity of energies backing whatever we may be hoping to manifest at this prosperous time. Easter is a paradoxical time of both death and birth. It reminds us that beginnings and endings are in

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