Happy Easter beautiful souls!

As we approach Easter this weekend, we also have the Full Pink Moon in Libra (Fri 19th) which is really increasing the intensity of energies backing whatever we may be hoping to manifest at this prosperous time. Easter is a paradoxical time of both death and birth. It reminds us that beginnings and endings are in fact one because one cannot exist without the other. This is a really beautiful period to enter, it is the time of resurrection, fertility, and abundance.

This is the second time this year that we have had a Libra Full Moon, giving you another shot at clearing whatever came up for you last time. Libra is governed by the element of air, so usually brings things up in relation to how you are thinking and how effectively you are communicating. If you had disagreements under that last Libran Moon perhaps it is time to soften your heart and let bygones be bygones. After all, Easter is themed around generosity, love, and forgiveness.

Here is a ritual to manifest a wish under the Easter Pink Full Moon:

You will need:

A pink candle.

A sweet essential oil such as Rose, geranium or Orange.                                                       

A rose quartz tumble stone.

A palm leaf. 

An intention / wish.

Sage or holy water.


*On the night of the full moon, or a day either side take your items outside (or so that you can see out of the window).

*Consecrate your magic tools by wafting sage smoke over them or by sprinkling them a little holy water. 

*Looking up at the moon (visualise it if not visible) call upon Moon Leaper, the magical Hare totem of the Moon. 

“Hare of spring, hare of night bring my wishes and dreams to light, I offer you my wish to guard it tight, with gratitude and love on this holy night”. 

*Holding the candle in your hands think of your wish as if it is already manifest, feel the joy.

*Light the candle to signify the powers of fire igniting life into your wish.

*Take the crystal and use the palm to wrap a ‘cross’ over it (think wrapping a Xmas present) whilst still tuning into happiness, gratitude, and excitement that your wish brings. 

*Finally, anoint the palm with the oil.

*Hold up the little bundle up towards the moon and offer it as a token of thanks to the Hare of fertility, health, and abundance.

*Leave your offering somewhere in nature, perhaps by a tree.

*Don’t forget to close the ritual by saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you, and so it is!”

Let me know how you get on! Easter Blessings, Claire x

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