5 Quick Ways to Protect your Energy From Negative People


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1.SHEILD YOUR AURA – Ok, this is back to basics here, but you would be surprised at how many people just don’t do this! It takes less than a minute! If you take the time to direct energy towards coating and strengthening your auric field each morning and night you will be much more energetically ‘unavailable’ to vampires and mood hoovers.


Standing with your feet on the ground, breathe deeply into your belly several times to allow yourself to relax.

Imagine or intend, an orb of pure white light in the centre of your abdomen, this is your personal power.

As you breathe in, the light becomes brighter and brighter. As you breathe out the orb becomes larger until it fully encapsulates you.

You should now feel or imagine that you are in a ball of light.

Make the ball stronger, maybe coat it in steel.

Imagine the symbols that represent your most loved Ascended beings coated upon your orb of light in each direction (above, below, in front, behind, right and left). For example, Archangels Michael’s shield, The Cross of Christ or the Pentacle of the Goddess.

For extra measure, you can ask a high vibrational light being such as GOD /DESS or an Archangel to add their strength to your shields.

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2. CRYSTALS – Wearing dark crystals in your pockets or as jewellery can deflect or absorb negative energy coming your way.

Try – 

Black Tourmaline or Hematite.

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3. BE POSITIVE – Try your very best to be positive at all times. Remember the Law of Attraction will draw to you people and circumstances that act as a mirror of your own thoughts, beliefs, statements and expectations. Use affirmations to reign in unruly thinking and to attract happy people. 

Try –

 “I am surrounded by happiness” “I radiate positive energy” “I am so grateful to have happy and helpful people in my life” “I have balanced friendships”.

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4. CAMOUFLAGE – OK, we’ve all been there, your walking down the street or through the city centre and you notice someone who always seems to make a bee line for you. A wave of dread washes over you, as they make their approach because just by being in their presence alone drains the life out of you. STOP, there is something that you can do, this is something that I have used myself many times when I have spotted someone that I know that I just don’t have the time or energy to let them offload their negativity onto me. You can make yourself invisible. Humour me, try it.

If you are expecting someone to be somewhere, maybe an ex-partner at a mutual friend’s wedding etc, and you want to go unnoticed, then this method is perfect.

The Violet Flame is a spiritual tool that many light-workers use to clear their energy, but did you know that it can also make you invisible? Learning to become invisible is an essential technique to learn when embarking on the spiritual path, why? Heard the saying “Moth to the flame?” the brighter your light shines the more people will be attracted to your beautiful energy. Of course, give some of it away but don’t become depleted. You must have boundaries.

Try –

With both feet flat on the floor, sit or stand with your spine as straight as possible.

Call in either Archangel Zadkiel, Holy Amethyst or St Germain (or all three), these are the keepers of this sacred flame. You can invoke these mighty beings by simply saying their names out loud or in your mind three times.

Imagine violet flames engulfing your entire body and your aura state “I am the Violet Flame, concealed and invisible now” three times. If you are in a hurry, just state the violet flame invocation, there isn’t always time to relax and prepare.

You will walk past people unnoticed.

Tip, just remember to deactivate the violet flame when you are done by imagining the flames becoming smaller and smaller. I learnt this when one day three cars pulled out on me whilst I was driving! They simply couldn’t see me.

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5. Don’t entertain them, and if possible, avoid! – We can’t always just cut everybody out of our lives that uses us to energetically dump upon, sometimes we can and sometimes we need to. It is not selfish to stay away from people who drain the life out of you, it is an act of self love, you deserve to be treated better. If unfortunately, the mood hoover in question is a work colleague or toxic family member and you simply cannot avoid contact with them, then set up boundaries.


When they start offloading could you: Nip to the bathroom? Tell them you would rather not discuss? Divert the attention to something else? Encourage them to be positive such as make a gratitude list or sign post them to a good book? Above all, do not allow yourself to become caught up in slanging matches or gossip. Don’t fuel the flames.

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