How to Bless your House,

A Very Easy House Blessing


Everyone should learn how to bless their home. Performing a house blessing is very simple and can have a profound impact upon your luck in gereral.

A house blessing is not limited to those who have ‘visitors’.

It can improve many areas of your life such as:

Creating more good luck.

Making the atmosphere more relaxing so that you can really be nurtured and well rested when at home.

Help you to attract more abundance.

Improves you love life and friendships.  

Help you to sleep.

Relieves anxiety.

Clears the past.

I have been performing house blessings and applying Feng Shui for customers and friends for years now. But this is something that you can do all by yourself. Even just making minor tweeks can literally change your life!

I usually perform this ritual under the waning moon because this is the perfect time to shed and clear unwanted patterns. However, I may do this on extra auspicious dates such as full moon eclipses and so forth. If it is urgent, forget waiting for these optimal timing, dive right in there.

How to perform a house blessing

You will need a few simple items: A bowl of salt, Sage or Palo Santo sticks for burning.

Place all of your items down in front of you and call in your Angelic helpers / Spirit Guides / Ancestors. If you have never called anyone in before you could ask for the presence of the Creator to be with you. I personally call in Archangel Micheal and Jesus Christ. You could use my Archangel Michael prayer if you like:

“Archangel Michael,

Under your wings I stand,

Protected by Gods first hand,

From every direction sheild me,

In your light and love please seal me”


Visualise yourself surrounded in the pure light of your helpers. With your hands extended out over your sacred items, let the high vibrational energy simply roll off the top of your hands to infuse them in light. 

Starting at your front door, wave the burning sage around the door frame anti-clockwise and then move out through the entire house again working anti-clockwise to send old energy out. You may like to open a few windows.

Waft the smoke through your own aura, don’t forget to clear under your feet and armpits.

Holding the bowl of salt, think about the blessings that you would like to bring into the home.

With your left hand beneth the bowl and the right hand over the salt once again send out the high vibrational energy from your helpers, this will seal your wish into the salt.

Raise the bowl over your head and look up, say:

“Power of light, my wish ignite, bring blessings of love, health and insight, may this home be happy, may joy cross this hearth, may the highest love never depart. In the name of …(state your helper eg Jesus Christ) this house is blessed, Amen!”

The word Amen means sealed in truth, it derives from the Ancient Egyptian sun God Amun-Ra.

Finally, sprinkle a pinch of the blessed salt in very corner of the home.

Sweep it up in either three hours or three days.

Give thanks to all of the beings of light that have assisted with your home blessing.

Make blessings part of your daily practice. Always bless your food and water before you consume it. I even bless my bath water. Whenever you have an issue, ask your helpers for a blessing to find a solution.

May your days be blessed!

Love Claire x


Claire Stone - Psychic

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