How to use Tarot cards safely


After so many inquiries, I thought it was time to write this blog to explain how to use Tarot cards safely.

Tarot cards are a powerful divination tool. When used correctly, Tarot can offer you great insight into any area of life where there is uncertainty. Perhaps you are at a crossroads, wondering if you will ever find love, or are even seeking general life guidance. A Tarot reading can help you to make these decisions by offering you higher-self wisdom and by predicting potential outcomes.

Over the last 20 years, I have provided psychic insight for thousands of clients, helping them to get from A-Z on the smoothest and happiest route available.

Thanks to Hollywood movies and certain religions, many people have been put off the Tarot cards, worried in case they are safe to use or not.

Rest assured, Tarot cards are safe to use so long as you take steps to protect and clear your energy before and after consulting them.

Why you need to protect your energy when using Tarot

When using Tarot cards, you are in effect reading energy. The images on the cards serve as a tool that allows you to unlock parts of your consciousness that are usually closed during regular states of conscious awareness. Using your intention, the cards can open gates in the mind enabling you to access previously hidden knowledge. This process is not exclusive to Tarot cards, there are many methods that will grant you access to higher realms of awareness.

During a Tarot reading, you need to protect your energy from:

Yourself If you are reading cards for yourself and are in a low mood, are angry or emotional you risk pulling the wrong cards – your vibration will magnetically draw you to pull the cards that reflect the mood you are in now, Tarot cards are like mirrors.

Low Vibrational Thought Forms As your consciousness travels through the astral realms you can be noticed by unsavory beings. Remember the moth to the flame?

Clients If you are reading for a client, it’s highly likely that they will have some sort of confusion or drama that is unfolding in their life, hence seeking guidance. If your energy is not guarded prior to the appointment you become an energy dumping ground.

Please don’t worry, this is not a scaremongering post, this is what I do for a living! But as with everything, there are correct ways of doing things. If you are a driver you wear a seatbelt, if you’re a GP you get a flu shot. Being prepared ensures your safety and the accuracy of the psychic reading.

How to use Tarot Cards Safely

  1. Clear your energy by passing burning sage though your aura, the room in which you are working and the cards. Palo Santo or my Good Vibes Spray are equally as effective.

  2. Take some time to meditate, to quieten your mind from wandering thoughts.

  3. Get your energy flowing by deep breathing or chanting.

  4. Expand your aura out as far as feels comfortable.

  5. Invoke psychic protection to be placed around your aura in a bubble. Archangel Michael or Christ light are favorites of mine.

  6. Set the intention of giving a clear and concise reading by saying out loud “May the highest vibrational guides, ancestors and angels surround me now, holding the space for wisdom and knowledge to enter. For the highest good of all, Amen.

  7. You’re ready to read!

Afterward, close down the energy channels by giving thanks, passing smoke through your aura and cards once more and finally by sucking your aura closer back in towards you.

Keeping your cards wrapped in black silk or in a little bag keeps the energy safe until its time to get them out again.

That short routine should be sufficient, it has served me well over the years. Making my readings clearer and without taking on other peoples negativity.

Here is a link to Amazon (I’m not affiliated to the sales) with the Tarot cards that I use, they are called The Original Raider Waite

I hope you have found this blog useful.

Please feel free to ask me any questions on how to give Tarot card readings safely.

Bright blessings, Claire Stone x

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