Everyone can communicate with angels! This is what motivated me to create the interview series Angel Conversations.

I want the whole world to know that we each have a guardian angel just waiting for us to ask for help. But not only that, I want to validate each person’s experience as being real, unique and special. You see, I meet so many people who think that they cannot connect directly because ‘they can see’ or ‘hear’ and an angel with their physical senses. This is nonsense! There are many ways in which you can receive angelic guidance and it is time to reclaim trust in yourself and your abilities.

In this series, you can get the down-low from world-class angel experts and authors. They describe the unique ways in which they communicate with angels and how they perceive them. You may be shocked to discover that NOT EVERYONE PHYSICALLY SEES ANGELS?

I hope these interviews empower and inspire you.


Love Claire x


Episode 5 


This interview features the amazing Elizabeth Lee-Crowther aka Psychic Beth.

Listen in as we share stories of angels, miracles from the Spirit World, astral projection and even celestial singing.

Beth Lee Crowther also know as ‘Psychic Beth’ has been a professional Animal Communicator / Pet Psychic, Psychic Medium and Reiki Master for over 20 years.

Beth has recently appeared on ITV ‘ This Morning’ 3 times and on Martin and Roman Kemp ‘Sunday Best’ TV shows where she has gained an excellent reputation for her psychic animal readings for both the presenters of the show and the viewers.

Beth has grown her popular weekly radio show Psychic Beth’s ‘Spiritual Calling’ Show which ran for 5 years on The Bridge Radio/ Black Country Radio and for the last 3 years on Pulse Talk Radio.

Beth has been a guest on numerous Radio Shows and Podcasts, also featured in newspapers and magazines.

She has her own Amazon bestselling book ‘Life by Numbers’.

Beth regularly teaches Animal Communication workshops helping people to develop their psychic pet communication skills and also is a Psychic Development Teacher and Reiki Master.

Beth’s professional background includes her working as qualified N.N.E.B in Primary Education, running her own Saddlery retail business, and gaining numerous counselling qualifications.

Beth believes that it is these career experiences that have given her a greater understanding of people and animals and have influenced her success.

Within Beth’s work, she often encounters people looking for answers during a stage in which they feel lost or stuck.

Beth believes that small moments of motivation are really key to seeing things more clearly.

Psychic Beth has her own weekly Radio Show. Tune in every Wednesday 6-8pm UK time, and listen to ‘The Spiritual Calling Show’ on Pulse Talk Radio (www.pulsetalkradio.com).

Listeners are able to experience a FREE Psychic Reading on the Show, join in with Psychic Development and listen to some well known guests from the Psychic world. To find out more visit: www.psychicbeth.co.uk




Episode 4 


In this episode, Hay House author Claire Stone interviews the amazing Bev Densham!


Beverley Densham is the Author of “I Talk to Angels” and Angel expert for Spirit & Destiny magazine.

She graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in Sports Science & became a Pilates expert.

Two near-death experiences, & divorce guided her to change direction.

She became a certified Angel Therapy® Practitioner and now inspires others by living and teaching her angelic lifestyle work.

With a podcast happy kids, happy you and founder of the happy kids cards to help you live happily ever after.

A mum, loves beach huts and the sea!









Episode 3


In this episode, Hay House author Claire Stone interviews the amazing MerFairy Karen Kay!

I really loved this interview, Karen has incredible energy and is a fountain of knowledge.

As you can imagine I asked her some really juicy questions!

Dive in and enjoy!

Hay House author Karen Kay, is also known as the Fairy and Mermaid Whisperer.

She shares her love for the elemental realms through her workshops, talks and videos.

She’s the creator of two oracle decks Messages from the Mermaids and Oracle of the Fairies.

She is a columnist for Soul & Spirit magazine and is the editor in chief of FAE magazine.

In her spare time she sings, makes music, and creates guided meditation CDs which can be found on her website and on the Hay House app.

A passionate nature lover, Karen’s friendship with the fairies began as a young child in her grandmother’s garden where she used to collect rose petals to make perfume for the flower fairies.

She is related to renowned fairy poet and author Walter De La Mare.

Her connection with the mermaids began when she first moved to Cornwall in the UK in her early 20’s.

A busy lady who always has time for others and loves to spread her joy and shine her light in this world.

She’s currently working on some course and has a few more surprises up her fairy sleeves! Be sure to subscribe to her newsletter to be updated on any special news!


Find out more by visiting her website www.karenkay.co.uk Follow her on social media, Instagram, Facebook: www.instagram.com/karenkayfairy www.facebook.com/karenkayfairy You can also subscribe to her Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/KarenKayFairy




Episode 2


Celeb, Victoria Mary Clarke is an author, artist, angel channeler and wife to The Pogues Shane MacGowan. In this interview with Claire Stone, Victoria reveals how she blends her spiritual life with the red carpet. You can find out more about Victoria and her incredible work at https://victoriamaryclarkeangels.com/


Episode 1



Angel author Claire Stone interviews reality TV star Lisa Appleton. In this exciting new series find out which celebs see or believe in angels and why! In this interview, Big Brother star Lisa describes how she can see angels and how they have helped her throughout her life.






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