Clear your Past Aries Full Moon Ritual.

The full moon is always an opportunity to reflect and readdress the balance in our lives. At this powerful time of the month, the Sun and Moon are directly opposite each other. This can wreak havoc on your perspectives, leaving you feeling indecisive or even a little away with the fairies. Regardless, this is time to release into the cosmos either:

A. What are you ready to shed


b. What are you hoping to draw close

I think of the full moon similar to ovulation – a seed can be planted or an unfruitful  idea / circumstance can be shed. 

Aries is a fire sign and so this makes this months full moon all the more a potent time to clear and burn away negativity. Combine the powerful punch of the moon with the cleansing fire of Aries.

Our October full moon is called ‘The Hunters Moon’ or ‘blood Moon’ by some, as blood would be shed across the land as meat was hunted for the winter. This is a powerful reminder to respect and give thanks to those who have made sacrifices for us in the past. Just think of all the lovely people who we have never met that work tirelessly to make our lives more comfortable.

We are also being given a nudge now to ponder what ‘sacrifices’ are you reluctant to make due to lack of commitment to your higher vision?

Tune in to the energies around you, work with them and you can glide through life making as much spiritual progress as possible. No one escapes lifes challenges, but like my Nan used to say ‘A stitch in time saves 9’.

Have a blessed month, until next time. Moon Beams, Claire x

Hunter Moon Fire Ritual to clear the Past


The sacred night of the Hunters Moon is 13th Oct 22.10pm UK time (for other countries click here)

You will need:

A red candle

6 of Cups Tarot Card (optional, if you have a deck)

Something that resembles what you intend to clear eg – Photo of an ex, A written scenario, or an object that links to to a person, place or idea.

10 Mustard Seeds

A safe place to burn your items – fireplace, firepit etc.  

Sage / Palo Santo 


Take time to reflect upon what you intend to clear, make notes. Allow yourself the space to purge healing tears if this is emotional for you.

Before the ritual, thoroughly clear your energy by clearing your aura and magical items with the sage smoke.

Place your items down on the ground in front of the fire. 

Gaze into the fire, allowing your consciousness to drift into a deeper state of awareness.

Light the red candle and say: 

‘Hunters moon, Aries plight, bless me on this holy night, engulf me with the flames of transformation bring to me my affirmation. I give thanks for all that has been revealed, this is my time, I am healed’

Hold the item that represents your wounded past in your right hand and toss it into the fire.

Take in three deep cleansing breaths, visualising each in-breath as a holy fire cleansing you. Your outbreath resembling a black smoke – toxic energy leaving you forever.

Take the mustard seeds in your dominant hand – press them into the candle wax one by one.

If you have the 6 of Cups Tarot card trace an anti -clockwise infinity symbol over it to reverse patterns of the past.

Clear your card and your aura with the sage smoke. 

Give thanks.

Let the candle burn out in a safe place.

© Claire Stone 2019

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