Friday 13th Full Moon Ritual


Friday 13th Full Moon Ritual is an opportunity to connect to the wise woman within. This is a perfect time to reflect upon the abundance we have received so far this year, hence the name Harvest Moon. But more importantly, it is also a time of remembering those who came before us, the witches, priestesses, seers and sorcerers; those who protected our sacred feminine heritage no matter what the cost, until it was safe for her wisdom to return.

This month our Harvest Full Moon is visible on Friday 13th – a very auspicious date, with the moon peaking full on Sat 14th.

Friday 13th

No wonder the number 13 is deemed as ‘unlucky’ by patriarchy, it is the number of the Divine Feminine!

With 13 cycles of the moon per lunar year and (average) 13 menstrual cycles of a woman; this number has very sacred connotations with the ways of the feminine.

Furthermore, Friday is associated with the divine feminine planet Venus and is even named after Frigga – wife of Odin. On this feminine power day, Friday the 13th must be a very scary day for the Church indeed!

Suspicious Minds 

Christian superstitions surrounding the number 13 include the tale of the last supper. 13 people were seated around the table, one of which is Judas, the traitor, but is this simply another cover-up of the deeper meaning that the church tried to erase from HIStory: That Mary Magdelene was the 13th apostle?

On Friday 13th 1307, King Philip IV ordered the arrest of the Knights Templar – of which most were tortured and killed. Again, the early Knights Templars were the protectors of the Holy Grail. They protected Mary Magdelene when she fled Jerusalem, along with the wisdom of The Sisterhood of the Rose. Is it a wonder they chose this date to attack?

The number 13 has become so fearful that many houses in the UK skip the door number 13. Interestingly, when I met my husband in 2002, we both lived at number 13. It has been a very lucky number for us.

Friday 13th Ritual to Connect to your Inner Wise Woman


You will need:

One tall white candle

A sprig of Mugwort

A mirror

Best performed on the eve of the Harvest Moon – Friday 13th

In a dimly lit room, holding the candle stick in your left-hand call in the energies of the full moon:

“Harvest Moon, shine your light, bring me prophecy, dreams and insight”

Take a deep breath in and light the candle

Place the mirror down flat in front of you (on a table laid face up)

Taking the mugwort in your left hand, crunch it up and sprinkle over the mirror

Close your eyes, with your spine straight meditate on the power of your breath for at least 10 mins

Open your eyes and look at your reflection in the mirror

Ask your wise self for a message

Gazing upon the scattered mugwort make images and messages by scrying upon the mirror

Let your imagination run free, you will discover all kinds of symbols and coded messages in the herb.

Write down your visions when you have finished, you will surprise yourself in the days to come!

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